Sex Diversity In The Business World English Essay

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Sex Diversity
Generational diversity isn’t the only type of diversity that has benefited the business world. Sex diversity has been a long trend in business. According to the financial times, gender-diverse companies are more productive than their non diverse counterparts with significant impacts on productivity and on returns to investors (MSCI, 2018). MSCI examined the boards of 617 of the largest company’s in the world and found on average that employee productivity growth was higher in companies that employed 3 or more woman at the board level between 2012 to 2016. This productivity growth was translated into higher profits for said companies, measured by equity returns compared to their non diverse counterparts(Chris Flood, 2018). MSCI has also stated that woman continue to be remarkably under represented in senior corporate roles in the world. Woman only hold 17.3 percent of board seats of nearly 2,500 companies spread across 47 countries. According to MSCI’s findings, it looks as though hiring and having a diverse workforce is quite beneficial to the company. Unfortunately, it stills seems that woman have yet to reach that representation that woman are looking for. The human capital report found that 60 to 70 percent of woman participate in the global workforce while male participation was in the high 80’s. A recent study done by Mercer that was based on nearly 180 reports from 164 companies in nearly 30 countries with approximately 1.7 million employees found 3 issues when it comes to diversity. The three issues regarding sex diversity are woman still trailing men in overall workforce participation, female hiring, promotion, and retention rates are insufficient and current talent is leading woman into top roles over the next decade (Mercer, 2014). To solve these problems we must first understand what drives gender diversity and how organizations can change their approach. Having more broad and holistic approaches to support female talent has shown more comparable talent flows between men ...


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