Sexual Assault Redefined As A Hate Crime Eng 2550 Persuasive Paper

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Running head: SEXUAL ASSAULT
Sexual Assault Redefined as a Hate Crime
Shayla Dai
NorQuest College
ENGL 2550
Taylor Scanlon
Assignment 2C: Critical Analysis
March 26 2018
Sexual Assault Redefined as a Hate crime
Sexual Assault is a serious social and public issues that is common in the society for a long time. Women are usually the victims to such hateful crimes that is motivated because of their gender and appearance. Violence against women can be expressed in many ways ranging from sexist language to acts of assault, rape and murder. Sexual assault as a subset category of hate crime that expresses many forms of gender-based violence. Hate crime is defined in the idealized way as a criminal offender that select their victims based on race, color, sexual orientation and disability (Faulkner, 2016). It is persecuted at a greater penalty when hate crime is defined in the court cases. Sexual assault cases should be persecuted at a greater penalty to demand the justice of the crime for the victims that had dealt with the unfairness of going to trail and those who had to heal in private.
The Definition of Hate Crime
Hate crime is not a charge in itself, the conviction will hold a greater penalty if it can be proven it was hate motivated. Sexual assault hate crimes is a subset of a larger category of hate crimes because of prejudice based on the victim’s gender. Marcia Baron (2016) defines hate crime in the idealized form as criminal offender that select their victims based on race, color, sexual orientation, disability. Marcia Baron (2016) states that penalty enhancement for hate crimes make sense only if not all crimes have enhanced penalties and therefore a contrast is presupposed between those crimes whose penalty are enhanced and other crimes. Therefore, if enhanced penalty for hate crimes are warranted, the crimes must be motivated by hatred to be enacted to the perpetrators motivation. Hate crimes are a result of target hate rather than target lust to another individual. There is no sympathy when sexual assault is acted upon, only instillation of fear, aloneness and abuse of power. Sexual assault is an act of power and that women are submissive object of the male power and dominance. To instill hate and assault on an individual, there is no regards or caring for the victims. The perpetrator treats them as they are not worthy which translate to intense dislike of the individual to have no regards over them. Overall sexual assault should be taken more seriously by those in law enforcement, there should be protocoled put in place to handle cases in a timely manner and more cases prosecuted accordingly.
Sexual Assault as Gender-based Violence
Gender-based violence against women is a subset of a larger category of hate crimes. Hate crime is when the male offender selects their victims due to their sexual orientation, race, color and disability. Gender-based violence are acts...


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