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Sexual Harassment Essay

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How does Sexual harassment effects the unit's work and the role of leadership to prevent it.Sexual harassment is a sexual nature that makes someone fill uncomfortable or unwelcome in the work place by focusing on their gender instead on their professional qualifications ( Wyatt).In my opinion sexual harassment is a form of discrimination that destroys morale and negatively impacts unit cohesion. All individuals in the unit must be treated fairly and with mutual respect.The consequences of sexual harassment affects the individuals in the workplace may be mentally and physically. Psychologists and social workers state that severe/chronic sexual harassment can have the same psychological effects as rape or sexual assault. Victims who do not ...view middle of the document...

Sexual harassment is a criminal offense that has no place in the Army. It degrades mission readiness by devastating the Unit's ability to work effectively as a team.Prevention is the best means for the reduction of sexual harassment. Leaders must take immediate actions to eliminate any real or expected sexual harassment brought to their knowledge. The elimination of sexual harassment within a unit begins with a progressive training to identify and prevent inappropriate behaviors. Soldiers must understand what is sexual harassment, ways of recognizing it, means to prevent ,procedures report it and the consequences of engaging in sexual harassment.Training and education, response, reporting, and accountability are some of the key factors to prevent sexual harassment. Confidential reporting also, is defined as allowing a Soldier to report a sexual harassment to particular individuals. By reporting the Soldier gets access to medical care, counseling, without initiating the investigative process.The goals of the sexual harassment and prevention program include; Creating an environment that reduces sexual harassment. Ensure leaders understand their obligations and responsibilities concerning response to sexual harassment victims, comprehensive investigate of sexual harassment, and take neccessary administrative and disciplinary action. Sexual assault is a criminal offense that has no place in the Army. It degrades mission readiness by devastating the Army's ability to work effectively as a team.To conclude we can say that, increasing awareness of service members about sexual harassment prevention, and protecting the rights and dignity of victims requires hard and progressive work to constructively to confront and prevent it.Continue Reading This

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