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Thesis: Because most of Shakespeare's pieces appear to convey significant and discrete qualities, his work often seems easily distinguishable from that of other writers.
· Due to Shakespeare's strong writing skills, it is possible that the retrieved poem could not be his, as it's structure is weak and does not accurately reflect that of Shakespeare's common writing style.
· How do we know what constitutes a good poem of the 1600s? Are our standards the same as those of Shakespeare's era?
· Even if the poem is considered "bad" according to our standards, is its badness a valid argument against its authenticity?
· Do we truly believe that Shakespeare was incapable of writing a bad poem?
· Because only a small number of pieces, unconventional to Shakespeare's usual style of writing, were inadvertently or purposefully published, it cannot be confirmed whether they were entirely his work.
· Was there truly nothing Shakespeare chose not to publish, or successfully kept private from publication?
· Shakespeare wrote two widely known lost plays, Love's Labour's Won and Cardenjo, as well as a lost occasional poem for a heraldic shield borne in a pageant by the earl of Rutland.
· Could Shakespeare's known lost works truly be his only lost works?
· Although Shakespeare is commonly known to be an excellent writer, the poor quality of the poem cannot properly argue it's authenticity.
· Gary Taylor believed the poem was truly an ascription to Shakespeare because he considered the manuscript to be the crucial piece of evidence.
· A British scholar, who agreed that the manuscript was crucial, claimed that this particular manuscript was an unusually trust worthy source. However, this still does not make the poem authentic; it only means that a trustworthy source, said it was authentic.
· Three weeks later an American scholar, also a deemed expert, contradicted the British scholar on every point, claiming that the manuscript was unreliable.
· What is the true verdict when two experts disagree on the authenticity and the evidence?
· Although some of the literary compositions used in Shakespeare's plays were not written by him, they naturally belonged to the writer since they appeared in his productions.
· Music for Desdemona's "Willow Song" is preserved in a manuscript lute book of 1583.2. Thus, evidently Shakespeare did not write the song.
· Shakespeare included it in Othello because he wanted Desdemona to sing an old song-the song of her mother's maid Barbary. The "Willow Song" ascribed to Shakespeare, and the editor of the Arden Othello fails to mention of any evidence that the song is borrowed.
· A less famous and less attractive song, "Orpheus with his lute made trees" from Henry VIII, is ascribed to John Fletcher, as it reflects his writing style.
· However, There is no evidence that the song is not by Shakespeare, however critics claim that is not his work, simply because the scenes are "un-Shakespearean" and they do not sound like Shakespeare, or do ...


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