She's The Man And Twelfth Night Literature Comparison Essay

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May 7, 2018
She’s the Man vs The Twelfth Night
The Twelfth Night and She’s the Man are both revisions of the famous version written by William Shakespeare in the year 1601. There are some key differences in the film versus the play in which Viola disguising herself to be her brother Sebastian in the film. and in the play, she is Cesario. In the movie directed by Trevor Nunn, she(Viola) disguises herself as Cesario, who is considered be a key person in his life and over time begins to fall in love with the Duke Orsino. In the movie, She’s the Man, directed by Andy Fickman, her brother Sebastian decides to go on a road trip to London to play his music. In his absence, Viola disguises herself as Sebastian, so that she can play on the men’s soccer team for the high school they are attending. Her point for this is to show that women are just as competive as men and that they should be equally compared to play when it comes to sports. Both films are filled with comedy, mischief, and disarray as the plot unfolds. In the film, and the play the Duke Orsino ends up finding his true love Viola instead of whom he thought was to be his true love Olivia. I have to say this is normally not my type of movies to watch, but feel both were entertaining to see that major differences between the two versions.
She’s the Man
In comparing both themes, the film and the play are performed in different eras and because of these diiferences in time there are some major differences such as the language, clothing, and including the different atmospheres in the scenes. In the movie, She’s the Man this is a contemporary version which is meant to capture the young audiences of today. The scenes are more realistic to todays’ youth and the location of the scenes are very modern like today. The play compared to the movie, Sebastian takes a trip to London to play in his band and has communicated his absence to his sister. Viola takes advantages of this opportunity to show that women can compete with men and decides to try out for the men’s soccer team. Throughout the film she is task to help her roommate the Duke join hands with his true love Olivia. What Viola does not expect to happen is that she falls in love with the Duke. The issue now will be how to explain why she has disguised herself as her brother. Things become very challenging as she continues to hide her true identify such as in this quote from the film, “I use to imitate my sister all the time, I got really good at it. Come on, get up. Ask some questions and if the chemistry is right, things will just start flowin”. (She’s the Man). The plot unravels when Sebastian returns home and shows up at soccer tournament and Viola’s identity is discovered. Like all happy endings The Duke and Olivia come together and become one and she has now proven that women should be allowed to play on men’s soccer teams.
The Twel...


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