Sheep Heart Lab Report For Fhhs Science Class - Forest Hills High School/ Science - Research Paper

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Ralph Marinas
Mr. Cifuentes
Anatomy and Physiology Pd. 8
April 9, 2018
Sheep Heart Dissection Lab Report
To observe the external and internal structure of a sheep heart and compare it to a human heart.
1. 1 triple beam balance
2. 1 safety goggle
3. 2 pairs of gloves
4. 1 lab apron
5. 1 mask
6. 1 tray
7. 1 sheep heart
8. Paper towels
9. 1 scalpel
10. 1 scissor
11. 1 ruler
12. 1 pencil
13. Paper
14. 1 camera
1. Gather all materials.
2. Take the sheep heart out of the clear bag.
3. Place the heart on the given tray.
4. Observe the sheep heart.
5. Write observations on paper.
6. Weigh the heart on a triple beam balance.
7. Measure the heart’s length, width, height using a ruler.
8. Write down data on paper.
9. Locate and remove the visceral pericardium on the heart.
10. Locate the right and left side of the heart.
11. Using a scalpel, slowly cut open the heart.
12. Examine and identify the different structures of the heart.
13. Once done, dispose of the sheep heart.
The group got the sheep heart in a clear bag. When the sheep heart was taken out of the bag, it was a bit wet. The group also saw that the heart’s color was mostly gray and white. The group then felt that the outside part of the heart was hard and rough. After opening the heart, the group saw that inside the heart, it was brownish. The group even felt that the inside part of the heart was still hard, but slightly smoother. The group had also found out that the sheep’s brain length was 4.5 inches, width was 2.5 inches, height was 2 inches, and weight was 164 grams.
Before the dissection, we gathered all the materials needed. After gathering all the materials, we proceeded by following the rest of ...

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