Shoe-horn Sonota And A Mother In A Refugee Camp

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10241 Essay - Sam Payda
"Interesting views on society are conveyed by the distinctively visual."
The confronting realisation of situations that ordinary people are put into can be gruesome
and explicit. In both Shoe-Horn Sonata by John Misto and "A Mother in a Refugee Camp"
written by Chinua Achebe, Distinctively Visual utilises language techniques, projected
images and the physical acting on stage to create images in the audiences minds which
forces them to visualise the world that the composer is creating.
In the Shoe-Horn Sonata by John Misto, through the struggles of war the relationships that
are/have been formed are increased and allow for greater connection between one
another. Mi ...view middle of the document...

Your food." Bridie indicates that this food and the rusty tin may have been what kept

10241 her alive, Misto's use of the contrast between both characters, disliking one another and
also at the same time allowing them to do the unthinkable for each other. Throughout the
struggle that the camps forced upon the women they would attempt to find the humour
where ever possible, "And then one wonderful morning, Lipstick Larry comes strutting out
into the tenko wearing some of our handiwork beneath his baggy shorts" This shows, the
light-heartedly humorous picture of Lipstick Larry piercing his buttocks with a rusty pin is
contrasted with the sounds of Sheila being beaten for her actions. The contrast between
the image and the sound illustrates the lengths that Bridie and Sheila would go to, to
obtain self respect by not giving into the POW camps. Distinctively Visual utilises language
techniques, projected images and the physical acting on stage to create images in the
audiences minds which forces them to visualise the world that the composer is creating.
Through distinctively visual the expressions representation of the unrecognised victims of
tragic loses can be confronting and graphic. In the poem "A Mother in a Refugee Camp"
written by Chinua Achebe, the startling loss of love through the outcomes of certain
situations can lead to the inversion of values and twist the meanings. The quality of life has
decreased and Achebe communicates this through contrasting images and has formed the
contrast of meanings, "Before his breakfast and school; now she did it; Like putting flowers
on a tiny grave" The poem is about a mother and child t...

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