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Lorenzo de MediciRuler of Florence and Art Patron1449 - 1492Whoever wants to be happy, let him be so:about tomorrow there's no knowing.--Lorenzo The MagnificentLorenzo de Medici was born on January 1, 1449 in Florence, Italy. "Lorenzo The Magnificent," as he was called by the people of Florence, was a statesman, ruler, and patron of the arts. "The Magnificent" was a common title of respect in Italy at the time, but it was Lorenzo who raised it to special status.Lorenzo ruled Florence with his younger brother, Giuliano, from 1469 to 1478. After his brother's assassination in 1478, he was sole ruler until his death. Perhaps Lorenzo's greatest contribution to history was his patronage of the arts.Lorenzo made history because of ...view middle of the document...

The friar soon accused his benefactor of ruining the state and squandering the wealth of the people. These accusations began to undermine Lorenzo's support among the people of Florence.Two years after Lorenzo's death his eldest son Piero, called the "unfortunate", was exiled from Florence for his political "incapacity" and only after 18 years the Medici family could return to its home-town.Quick Facts:Lorenzo died peacefully during the night of April 8 and 9, 1492 in the Villa of Careggi.Lorenzo was a great ruler of Florence and art patron from 1449 until his death in 1492.Lorenzo the Magnificent once said:"Whoever wants to be happy, let him be so: about tomorrow there's no knowing".Why was he important in Renaissance times?Lorenzo was important because he finished what his family before him started.The de Medici family started banking in Florence and were elected to rule Florence because of their wealth and power.Lorenzo was the first real ruler with power and respect. The people of Florence respected him because he wasn't power hungry but down to earth.I think another reason he was important was because he supported works that, without his help, would never has existed.When and why was he so famous?Under Lorenzo's leadership, Florence became one of the most beautiful and prosperous cities in Italy, as well as a center of the Renaissance.He was best known of the Medicis.Lorenzo was not only a shrewd banker and clever politician; he was also a scholar and a poet.His knowledge was obvious, and even without his family name, I think he still would have been famous.Even though Lorenzo was so magnificent, there is very little information about his life.


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581 words - 3 pages Brubaker 1 Sean Brubaker Mrs. Mullett American Lit/Comp 5 June 2018 The Tsunami on the Lake It was a beautiful, clear sky Tuesday in good ole rural North Carolina when everything started falling apart, quite literally. On the side of the road stood two young men, one short and red-haired and the other who was tall, muscular, and completely gray-haired. They were examining their trailer’s shredded wheel, and they had no idea what to do since they

Can Machiavelli Be Defended By Strauss?

2213 words - 9 pages favor of the de' Medici. However Lorenzo de' Medici took Machiavelli's writings indifferently. The book began to become widely criticized, spoken of immoral, cruel and evil. Machiavelli's desperate attempt to return to politics failed and the Medici family soon became an enemy. [1: Leo Strauss (1958). Thoughts on Machiavelli . Chicago : University of Chicago press . p10.]The dedication of the prince alone shows Machiavelli's alliance to Lorenzo de

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1758 words - 8 pages and sentenced to exile for life. In his exile, Machiavelli wrote The Prince to regain favour with Lorenzo de Medici. It was a handbook on how to rule a newly acquired principality. Unfortunately for him his plan did not work and he was forced to live out the rest of his life in exile. Although he never returned to political power, his book went on to have an influence on Renaissance and Enlightenment politics. The Prince contains some

Donatello, The Master Sculptor of the Renaissance

1414 words - 6 pages was the most classical of Donatello's works and was done for a private patron. Its recorded history begins with the wedding of Lorenzo the magnificent in 1469, when it was placed in the courtyard of the Palazzo Vecchio.Whether the 'David' was requested by the Medici or not, Donatello worked for them (1433-1443), producing sculptural decorations for the Old Sacristy in S. Lorenzo, the Medici church. Works there included ten large reliefs in

Leonardo Da Vinci - The Red Badge Of Courage

2053 words - 9 pages . On the vault of the papal chapel, he devised a system of decoration thatincluded nine scenes from the Book of Genesis, beginning with God SeparatingLight from Darkness and including the Creation of Adam, the Creation of Eve, theTemptation and Fall of Adam and Eve, and the Flood.The Medici TombsMichelangelo undertook (1519 and 1534) the commission of the MediciTombs for the New Sacristy of San Lorenzo. His design called for two large walltombs

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2073 words - 9 pages Free a similarity, which can be detected through analyzing their philosophies carefully. This also means that they share differing views on the concepts of political action, the state and violence which will also be analyzed in this paper.Niccola MachiavelliIn his book, The Prince, Machiavelli focuses his attention on counseling and educating the prince, Lorenzo Medici in the treacherous world of politics. The book is considered in simple terms a

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2703 words - 11 pages affected that factor. The Medici family was monumental in fixing the economies of major European nations. Likewise, the money the Medici family got in return from the loans boosted their standings and gave them great wealth. In conclusion, I argue that the religious, economic, political and social events that occurred from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance forced the populous of Europe to change their perspectives on how they saw the government

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1246 words - 5 pages be. She seems to loosen up when she starts drinking at the party and starts dancing on the table. And she did not complain about the assignment in one of her classes which she usually does. Her sister Bianca said she was once very popular but she gave it up because she was bored with it. She revealed to Bianca she lost her virginity to the boy Bianca was going out with, Joey Donner. Categories:

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2586 words - 11 pages Free South, where slavery still exists, less trouble is taken to keep the Negro apart.”12 While they were “free” in on sense, black northerners were still shackled and yoked, not by chains of iron, but by the chains of societal oppression and systematic and legislative racism. 11 Ibid. 12 De Tocqueville, A., "Democracy in America." 9 Bibliography Hine, Darlen C., William C. Hine, and Stanley Harold. The African-American Odyssey. 2nd ed. Vol. 1. Pages

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7466 words - 30 pages demonstrations and mock combats. It is from these shows that the word spectacle, used by the French to talk about a ballet, comes. When the Italian Catherine de Medici married France's Henri duc d'Orléans French and Italian court dancing began to run together, and in her later years Catherine put on huge spectaculi for all sorts of events as the "Queen Mother" of France. One of the more notable ones is Le Ballet des Polonais, (The Polish

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421 words - 2 pages History 2335 Spring 2019 SHORT WRITING ASSIGNMENT 1. John Keegan’s 1976 book The Face of Battle remains one of the most influential works on warfare and the (Western!) experience of battle. His analysis of key battles highlights both the changing and unchanging aspects of combat over a range of several centuries, starting with the Hundred Years War and ending with the First World War. Agincourt is one of the most famous medieval battles while

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969 words - 4 pages Amedeo Avogadro Amedeo Avogadro was born in Turin, Italy, on August 9th, 1776. Avogadro came from an Aristocratic family, and he himself grew up as an aristocrat. His father was Cavaliere Filippo Avogadro, a major lawyer and senator in the Piedmont area on Northern Italy in 1768. Afterward, in the year of 1777, he was designated as an advocate general to the senate of Vittorio Amedeo III. Amedeo’s father held the title of Count, meaning he was

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716 words - 3 pages Sir Christopher Wren – THE PROCESS TO SAINT PAUL’S CATHEDRAL [footnoteRef:1]Sir Christopher Wren is an all rounded individual of the English Baroque style and also one of Britain’s most renowned architects in history. He was born in East Knoyle, Wiltshire on the 20th October 1632. Wren was the only surviving son of his father, who was a rector. Before the age of three his family moved to Windsor, as a result of the father being elected Dean of

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579 words - 3 pages two things I am looking for in these short writing assignments: 1. Your OWN analysis. I do not want what someone else “thinks,” whether it be Wikipedia, Spark Notes, or your Uncle Steve. 2. This is an opportunity for you to work on your writing skills, so please put forth your best effort in limiting: spelling errors, sentence fragments, and unnecessary word usage. Scoring Rubric (20-point scale): Grammar (up to 5 points) Following Assignment Instructions (up to 5 points) Written Analysis (up to 10 points) DUE IN CLASS: TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 19!

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474 words - 2 pages the ships ammunition up in flames and sank the ship. Most of the 350 officers on the ship lost their lives. Nobody knows exactly what cause the U.S.S. Maine to blow up, but people believed that Spain had something to do with it. Newspapers everywhere blamed Spain for the sinking and Americans were outraged and war broke out soon after. The Spanish-American-Cuban War was called "a splendid little war". Jose Marti fighting for Cuba's freedom, the De Lome letter, and the accidental sinking of the U.S.S. Maine caused the war. It was a short war but America gained much from it.