Short Movie Script About Being Misunderstood As A Youth - Movie Production - Script

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Ryan walks from the dugout to the plate, girls start screaming and he waves. Girls scream
louder, fangirling over Ryan Ponce, the star athlete at Alpine High School. He catches eyes with
a guy. He waves to the crowd and continues to walk to the plate.
Ryan(in his head)
Alright. Just another swing. Just another hit.
Ryan and the pitcher stare at each other while the catcher gives the pitcher a sign. A swing and
a miss.
Strike one!
(under his breath)
Woah! I've never missed a curveball like that before...and I won't again
From the dugout, Ryan's teammates are cheering him on. Pitcher throws the ball, bat makes
contact and the ball is out of the park
Ryan Ponce for his 15th home run of the season.
Alpine High wins by Ryan's home run and the team celebrates as they go back to the dugout.
After the game the team is on their way to the clubhouse to celebrate a win. On his way to the
locker room, the girls stop Ryan to talk.
Ryan, you're so amazing!
... And dreamy...
You know prom is in a couple days and we were wondering who you're going with.
I um- i haven't actually picked anyone yet
So you could go with me...
Awkward silence. Jenny laughs
Oh my god, you're so embarrassing! Well we'll let you think about it.
Jenny winks at Ryan
Yeah totally.
He walks away to the locker room as the girls stare at him.
Ryan walks in while his teammates undress. He begins undressing and Ryan looks around.
Bro why are you staring at me. You want some of this?
Aggressively grabs at his own crotch.
Nah man i was just looking for Jeff.
Chad laughs it off and Ryan, seeming irritated gets up.
Alright well imma get outta here.
Without me?
There you are, let's go.
Ryan and Jeff leave the locker room.
Hey look, it's your fan club.
I wonder what they want now.
Ryan and Jeff approach the car.
Hey guys, I heard you're getting Hotdogs.. Mind if we tag along?
Yeah sure.
Girls squeal and run to jump into the car. Ryan tries to get in the passenger seat, but the girls
pull him to the back. Ryan seems annoyed.
Sorry dude, guess you got middle.
Ryan, sitting between the two girls, chills while waiting for their waiter to ask for their drinks.
Your waiter will be with you in a moment. What would y'all like to drink?
I think waters all around.
Looks around and nods.
What, are you watching your figure or something?
(to the waitress)
Ey, lemme get a soda?
Waitress walks back in with the drinks and places them on the table. Ryan's attention sets in on
WILL, a handsome young waiter tending to another table.
Hey so, um like, i was wondering if, um, you want to stop by my house after prom...
Ryan's not listening. His eyes are fixed on Will.
...We are having a little party. Well not litt...

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