Short Story On Fear And Isolation Meadowvale//10 Essay

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Zain Thanvi
Mrs. Bedard
Tuesday, October 10, 2017
The tensions prior to the war were extremely high. No one knew when it would come, but the thought of war was instilled in the back of everyone’s mind. This war was fought in the sky directly above our backyards. This war led to the death of almost 90% of the American population. Death to the dead came instantly, a catastrophe at its finest. Effects of the nukes were everywhere to be seen, the streets piled with bloody bodies and buildings crumbled to their core.
Adam Hunt, the famous politician and visionary sat on a filthy mattress in the basement of an apartment complex, or what remained of it. His wife, Clarissa had just gone out to receive the daily rations. “Our time has come,” she mumbled under her breath as she walked back in.
Adam knew exactly what that meant. After the war, when cleanup was dealt with, came the process of rebuilding. Anastasia Lawrence was the woman behind it all. She had proposed a new plan, which consisted of every living citizen to take part in “the test”. Anastasia had designed the test for her to separate those who were capable of contributing to her plan in rebuilding the world we lost from those who were just useless bodies. The test consisted of three parts. The physical, written and creative. The written component was merely an IQ test, but the physical and creative parts were the hardest. Carrying weights was something Adam was never good at. The creative part was reliant on designing a utopian society for the world to build towards. An immense rebuild leading to a brighter path was what it was known as.
“The world will never be the same, you know that don’t you?” Adam asked Clarissa.
“Adam, you must have some hope, at least we’re both alive and we’re still together, nothing will change that”
“Unless one of us fails and gets killed.”
“Don’t say that again. We’re both going to live happily ever after!” Clarissa exclaimed.
“That never actually happens honey”
Every citizen that failed was automatically handed the death sentence. “This world only needs the elite” was Ms. Lawrence’s favourite statement. The large metropolis which was previously known as New York City was the only safe and quarantined area left in the country. A large spherical forcefield surrounded it.
Adam and Clarissa made their way down to the city circle which was previously Times Square, now it appeared to look like something straight out of a warzone. Everything was blown to bits and pieces. Fully geared officers stood around the perimeter of the entrance to the testing zone. Security had tightened greatly in the recovery efforts to prevent protest and outbreak. In the middle of chaos there was the small sense of peace that they brought. Though along with peace came the immense fear everyone had for them. The officers had no remorse and were ordered to kill on spot in case of any problems. That left no sense in protesting as the fates of the people were to...


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