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Jeniah Talton
English 102
10 July 2019
Should Alcohol be sold after 11?
There are many people who consume alcohol on a sociable basis. However, there are also people that are underage to be drinking alcohol as well. Drinking a substantial amount of alcohol on a daily basis can cause harm to the human body. It also can affect a person’s judgement and sense of reasoning. Of course no one should get intoxicated, but when a person has one drink, his/her thinking becomes fuzzy and it’s easy to order another, then another. For the underage drinkers, the maturity level is not yet developed which will definitely cause a misjudgement in their thinking,
In my opinion, alcohol should not be sold after 11pm. Most accidents that occur late at night and early mornings are caused by people who were driving intoxicated. I believe if alcohol is not sold after 11pm, the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers will decrease. Driving drunk can cause fatal accidents. Death from drunk driving affects everyone around such as family and friends. In the long run, drunk driving is a serious problem and needs to be prevented.
Along with the closing time for the sale of alcohol, there should also be sobriety checkpoints. Most sobriety checkpoints increase the chance of people getting arrested for drunk driving. Clearly, being unable to purchase alcohol after a certain time is simply a way to prevent drinking a substantial amount of alcohol. People who drink routinely at any rate, do not have any desire to make up for lost time in the issues this could hold. Individuals who don’t purchase alcohol can comprehend what the reactions can do to their psychological limits can simply be cautious individuals.
Between midnight and 3 am is when most flushed drivers show up. 1 in around 3 auto crashes is included with an alcoholic driver. Between 2003-2012, around 10,372 individuals were killed because of auto accidents with alcoholic drivers. Everybody knows that liquor disables your capacity to think sanely, and when you set up that and evening time together it prompts calamities. Drinking isn’t the problem, it’s abusively drinking that is the killer. Just one drink can cause damage to the ways of thinking.
Drinking substantially is not to be taken lightly. There should be more restrictions on the purchase and use of alcohol. Too many deaths and injuries have been occurring in the past few years. People need to know that a sober mind makes wise choices.
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