Should All American Have A Right To Healthcare Isurance American Health Essay

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March 10, 2019
American Government
Should all Americans have a Right (be entitled) to Health Care?
Yes, I believe that all Americans should have health care. Think about were Americans life would be without medical insurance. Right now, there are over 40 million American who is currently without any type of health coverage. With the steady rise in majority of people under the age of 65 going without coverage. Even though we are one as a nation we have so many medical services and hospital all around the world, that many Americans do not have access to. Health is not anything that we should over look. All Americans should be insured for healthcare insurance. Healthcare needs to be decreased to be affordable at a reasonable health care cost. When you think of the many Americans who lack health care and have death risk at an all-time high it is saddening. It is sad that our country has been considered the greatest country but lack in being able to assure that everyone had free or affordable insurance.
There are many people who work and still cannot afford to have health insurance because it is too expensive. So many of our own elderly people who are forced to suffer because the lack of medication and priced of medicine that they eventually pass away. We as whole must be forced to pay high price insurance just to assure we are covered. Yet a price many of Americans struggle to pay. With the rising of healthcare premiums, it has become hard for a lot of people to keep up. Insurance premiums are not only raising but the cost of medication have also gone up. Many people are forced to pay the high cost for medications needed today. In today’s world what we need is our nation to cover all citizen under one plan.
Let’s use what I think will be beneficial Universal health care, also known as being social health protection. Having universal health care had the possibility to cover millions of Americans who live without any coverage to provide financial protection. I believe universal health care system would be needed in our country. I also believe that this would be beneficial to the country itself. With having the universal system in place many American who suffer currently will have available health services which would improve their health overall.
The affordable act has been a pro affect also known as the Obamacare, which the congress passed in 2010. This coverage was made to be able to cover all Americans. Before the ACA law passed, many people with preexisting were denied health coverage, many insurances believe that they are more expensive to cover than healthier people. ACA brings health care to millions of citizens even though some are covered by Medicare and the other being by their own insurance. One of the benefits of the ACA has be been the low overall healthcare cost later. By offering preventive health service no one will have to pay out of pocket cost, people can still receive the treatment before they rack up more expens...


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