Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos? - English - Essay

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Aroosha Irfan
Block 3
Argumentative Essay
Animals in the Zoo
Did you know that zoos help to create connections between people and animals? A
majority of people​ ​enjoy going to the zoo, but certain groups of people believe that zoos must be
totally eradicated in next two decades. However, I am completely against this idea. Animals
should be kept at the zoo for educational purposes, to help fight wildlife extinction, and although
many people think that zoo keepers are locking up the animals, this is untrue.
First and foremost, people learn about wild animals from the zoos they have visited.
One study shows that zoos aren’t just a fun place for kids to visit; zoos give kids a teaching
opportunity. Children are taught about the values of endangered animals so that they understand
the importance of conservation when they visit. They learn by having a close encounter with
animals. Children can’t learn this by simply looking at pictures or reading about animals. The
real life encounter cannot be replicated. Therefore, zoos are great place for children to learn
about conservation of wild animals and animals show stay here at the zoo.
Secondly, zoos help fight wildlife extinction. They are kept in a well maintained
environment where their natural habitat is recreated to be similar to that of the wild. The animals
are fed a regular diet every single day. If they are out in the wild, they can die from droughts,
natural disasters, predators, lack of food, and diseases. At zoos there are veterinarians on hand,
constant food, and there are no predators. Besides, studies prove that animals would survive
better in the zoo than they would in the wild/ocean. Many zoos work closely with individuals
and organizations in the animals’ native regions to establish wildlife refuges. Zoos also help
animals in rehabilitation.
While many people think that zoo keepers are simply locking up the animals, this is
untrue. Zoos are not forcing the animals to perform or do anything out of the ordinary. This
means that zoo keepers are providing the animals with the best of care and not abusing or
harming them in anyway. In addition to this, in some states, animals come to the zoo because
they couldn't make it in the wild. These animals may have been injured and because of this, they
were raised in the zoo, so they did not get a chance to develop the skills needed to survive in the
wild. Therefore this idea is wrong because zookeepers are not simply caging up animals, they are
assisting them.
Overall, zoos should be allowed to keep animals. People of every age, especially children
and students, learn about animals from the zoo. Zoos are important in protecting animals. They
help injured animals survive, whereas if they were in the wild, they would not make it. Last but
not least, zoos are rehabilitating animals and providing the best of care for them so keeping
animals in them is an excellent idea.
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