Should Canadians Sorry About Net Neutrality English Essay

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Net neutrality, a thing of the past?
The Internet. A place where business, entertainment, and knowledge coexists. A place where only WiFi signals restrict one’s experience. Good day honorable judges, teachers, and fellow classmates. Today I will be discussing about why the FCC must restore net neutrality and ditch its newly implemented freedom abducting law.
Since the nineteen nineties Internet Service Providers have given us unlimited access to the world wide web to over three billion people. Just over three hundred million of these people are North American and two hundred ninety million of those users are American. Since November fourteenth two thousand seventeen those 290 million users have been put at risk. At risk of losing their internet freedom. On that day the FCC voted on repealing net neutrality laws in America. This will allow companies like AT&T, Sprint, and Comcast to sow down or restrict access to some websites and force users to pay extra fees in order to unlock those features
This is a big problem since according to forty three million families in America live in poverty. It’s already a struggle for these families to afford high speed internet so adding fees to unlock the same features they previously had will definitely harm their financial status even more. If those fees keep families f...


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647 words - 3 pages support into the websites of the provider’s choice. Transparency is an issue that isn’t often brought up when discussing Net Neutrality, but remains just as important as the three main ideas that it upholds. Increased transparency simply means that ISPs should be open about how they provide internet access and everything that goes on within that process. If it weren’t for this, ISPs would be able to go about changing users’ access to the internet

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1255 words - 6 pages get more feedback from my group members through the revision process. A weakness in my essay, according to one of my peers, is that my counterclaim is not clear. My intentions of my counterclaim was having a private password protected website for students to access. I was imagining a parent, or other teachers, might question the privacy of their students on the internet. My peer questioning this leads me to believe I could have been clearer about that.

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1892 words - 8 pages if they had the choice. We are not doing it for attention. Mental health disorders need to be talked about more. Be the one to talk about it. Be the person to stand up for it. As a woman with an anxiety disorder who also has friends and family with anxiety, I am very passionate about getting it recognized that this isn’t a made-up issue. I usually don’t dwell on the limitations I’ve had to deal with due to my disorder, but what I’ve faced over the past few years illustrates that anxiety is real and should not be taken lightly. Anxiety is a disorder, not a decision.