Should Mobile Phones Be Banned In School - Mount Waverley Secondary College - Essay

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1. 88% of teenagers between the ages of 13-17 having access to mobile phones
2. the Centre For Economic Performance found out that from four major cities in England, that about 90% of children had mobile phones.
3. an experiment was done in their schools that banned the use of these phones the average scores in the tests of these children increase by 6.41%. With all other factors the same this accounted for 5 school days
1. “these devices may have unforeseen risks as well,” says Elizabeth Englander a professor of psychology.
2. 9.5% of children being reported as cyberbullying victims
3. 2017 lifting of the ban of cell phones by Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina which caused a 351% rise in cyberbullying
4. the “most common types of incidents [involving] fat-shaming, harassment over race, gender and sexual orientation.”
1. recent study by Elon University found that out of a survey of about 100 students about 60% of them “use their phone more than 4 hours a day,”
2. ‘This decrease in the quality of interpersonal communication is harmful for the future connections and relationships’
3. 93% of communication currently is non-verbal
4. Mobile phones are present in life but need to distance from it while learning
5. 88% of teenagers between the ages of 13-17 having access to mobile phones
6. This is distraction in important time in educational journey
7. Ring vibes and notifs make it hard to ignore
8. They take a second to look and get trapped
9. the Centre For Economic Performance found out that from four major cities in England, that about 90% of children had mobile phones.
10. an experiment was done in their schools that ban...

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