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Should Parents Allow Students To Date

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Generations today have many differences from past ones. The one I stress mostly is dating. Some parents today find it wrong for their children to date. I disagree with them and believe that dating at our age should be allowed.Lifestyles have changed since some parents last checked. Comparing the teens with the ones of the 1900s; there are many differences and opinions expressed. ...view middle of the document...

A positive attitude is essential for good study habits. One can get the best motivation from their significant other.Procrastination is a major problem for all students. Homework can take so long to start but with someone to work with; work can get more enjoyable. Trying to study for a test alone can be boring and not useful enough. With someone to work with, testing and reviewing turns into a very simple task.The last and final point relates to a family. Arguments in a family can sometimes be a common thing while some are inevitable. The more problems a family has; the further their relationship will get. Some people look forward to having a relationship to let realize that someone will care about them. They look for happiness, warmth and companionship. They need motivation and protection. With this, they can at least feel more loved and wanted.Believing in these points, I feel that parents should allow students to date. They should be given a chance to prove that they are responsible and mature enough to hands things.

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