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Should college athletes on full ride scholarships be able to hold a job during the school year? Well up until Monday, January 12, 1997, full scholarship athletes were forbidden to hold jobs during the school year. For the last five years this has been a very controversial issue in the National Collegiate Athletic Association, known as the NCAA. Imagine being from a poor family and going to college on a full-ride scholarship for basketball. Under the old legislation, that player is not allowed to work or receive money from the school. In turn the player cannot afford to even travel home over the holidays to be with his family. Athletes should be able to hold a job during the school year in order to get the valuable experience of working and make enough money to cover liv ...view middle of the document...

Athletes who choose to work, and their employers, will be required to sign an affidavit that says the athletes have not been hired on the basis of their athletic ability or status and that they will be compensated only for the work they perform at a rate commensurate with the local rate of pay for such work.Critics of the legislation that passed said it opens the door for the very problems that originally sparked the regulation, athletes being paid for menial labor, and that keeping track of how much money athletes are earning will be difficult. But according to Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany, 'Sure there will be bogus jobs,'' he said. 'It'll open up a can of worms, but I think we have to start living with cans of worms and let the presidents, athletic directors, and board of trustees handle it.'' It makes more sense to have the schools required to enforce the new regulations involved than it does to ask the NCAA to handle it. The schools have first hand account o f all the players at their school, therefore they are in the best position to enforce the new legislation's requirements.On the job experience is essential when looking for a job after college. Many athletes under the old legislation did not have the imperative experience necessary. Bridget Niland is a former distance runner at the State University of New York and chairwoman of the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. She gives a good example of why the real work experience is necessary to becoming successful. She said, 'Athletic experience, while valuable, cannot be equated with real work experience. . . . When you apply for a job, an employer says, `It's great you can run a 4:30 mile, but what work experience do you have?' ' Now full scholarship athletes will be able to get at least some real work experience.


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2285 words - 10 pages things that go uncovered. With just the basics being covered with your scholarship, you don’t have any extra money for little necessities or other things wanted. According to “Top 10 Reasons College Athletes Should Be Paid” by Dave Anderson he addresses that due to all the time athletes spend for their sport that it’s considered a full-time job. “The average American full-time work contract usually stipulates that the employee will work between the

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1461 words - 6 pages Free Oscar Pavelich Ms. Pritzel English III 17 January 2018 Should College Athletes Be Paid? Many people will tell you that the opportunity to go to college is enough for student-athletes, but it is time to start offering more than that and paying the athletes that take their talents to the collegiate level. These athletes bring in large amounts of money for their school and the NCAA and are not being fairly compensated for it. There are many

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2756 words - 12 pages should student athletes be paid money for playing sports at the collegiate level. There are great arguments on both sides, most saying that if the student is playing a sport they most likely are going to school for free on a scholarship. Another great point is that if college athletes were to get paid if would ruin college athletics or amateurism. A lot of people also thing that if college athletes were to get paid they would become more

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2295 words - 10 pages compensated which in this case an athlete has a scholarship but is making the school money and the NCAA. Then finally the last test whether that person or athlete is economically dependent on the compensation. All were found on Cooper, Kenneth J. "Should College Athletes Be Paid to play?" Diverse: Issues In Higher Education 28.10 (2011): 12-13. ERIC. Web. 9 Dec. 2014. 2. Players can spend up to 50 to 60 hours per week on their sport-related

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2069 words - 9 pages and what is spent on them. Recently, all over the nation, we hear of athletes leaving school early to play professional sports. And it's simply because that these athletes can't survive merely on their scholarship money. Athletes, similar to us, also have bills to pay; where do they get the money without a job. The cost of living or just making ends meet, forces the athlete to leave school and find work. That's what happens when you

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936 words - 4 pages Sean Myers Mrs. Salerno Period ⅚ College Athletes Essay The argument made by Ann Kaufmann in ​College Athletes Should Be Paid​ is that college athletes, specifically football and basketball players, should be compensated for their play. More specifically, Kaufmann argues that since basketball and football bring in the most money by a very noticeable margin, the athlete's for these sports are the only collegiate athletes that should be paid

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911 words - 4 pages and conflicts in our country involves. According to the data acquired from Huffington Post, 52% of the black respondents believe that college athletes should be paid, while only 15% oppose the idea. However, 27% of the white respondents agree with the idea while 43% oppose it. Now I believe, the disparity in results is so drastic because majority of the athletes that compete for these high major, high revenue earning teams are African Americans

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1611 words - 7 pages athletes are not overpaid. On the flip side, many feel that athletes should not get salaries which are way higher than other economically important occupations. It is true that American major sports athletes do not offer society any sort of constructive function that progresses or enhances our world in comparison to other professions such as medical doctors and teachers. Doctors save lives, firefighters and police officers protect and save lives

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1066 words - 5 pages Breen 5 Michael Breen Miss Burke English 11 16 April 2018 NCAA Athletes Should be Paid Could you imagine working 43.3 hours a week and not earning a salary? That is what it is like to be an average Division One Football player in the NCAA. That is not just football players, however. The average NCAA athlete works towards their sport about the same amount of time as the average American work week, except without salary. This topic has been

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1598 words - 7 pages that no players are allowed to enter the NBA draft straight from high school, hoping to eliminate companies from focusing just on one star player. In doing this it forces the student athlete to work on getting a College scholarship and playing at the collegiate level before entering the draft. Views on this from several footballs coaching staff feel these athletic companies such as; Nike, Adidas and Under Armor are helping to reduce the $50,000

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965 words - 4 pages virtues” (qtd. in Jenkins D11). Unless we are willing to organize separate sporting events and leagues—an Olympics, say, for athletes who have opted for a boost from the test tube and another for athletes who have chosen to keep their bodies natural—we should ask from our athletes that they dazzle us less with extraordinary performance and more with the fruits of their hard work. Works Cited: Jenkins, Sally. “The First Item in a Pandora’s Box of

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583 words - 3 pages take away the competitive edge. Overall I think that gene doping would destroy how fun sports once was and cause a lot of mental health issues with kids with disadvantages. Modifying yourself to fit into higher standards should not be possible because of the mental side effects that come with it. The possibility to modify yourself to be the best version of you without the work also teaches bad work ethics. Some famous athletes today could already be doing it but nobody would know because it is undetected. The next time I watch sports I might be less impressed with what I see because I don't know if the athletes im watching are spending their off time changing themselves.