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Ashley Mulligan
Professor Lalama
November 2, 2016
Title: Should The Drinking Age Be Lowered in New Jersey?
-general statement regarding law
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-leave reader interested
The legislature of the united states puts numerous laws into effect to protect its citizens and keep the country running. The Uniform Drinking Age Act, put into effect by President Reagan stated that on July 17, 1984 all states had to adopt 21 as the legal drinking age within five years; and by 1988, all states had to set 21 as the minimum drinking age.
The authors go into detail on the idea that the “legal drinking age laws have been a primary alcohol-control strategy in the united states for 75 years” (Wechsler/Nelson,2). However, the article also discusses the “change in the 1970’s when many states lowered the minimum legal drinking age along with reducing the minimum age to vote during the Vietnam war” (Wechsler/Nelson, 2). Aside from the history aspect of the article it goes into detail on college drinking and how there is no studies that prove lowering the drinking age will make teens in college more responsible with alcohol. This article is relevant because it gives statistics and goes into detail on studies done that prove lowering the drinking age is not beneficial.
Body 1:
-actual law
Throughout the state of New Jersey, the Uniform Drinking Age Act is strictly enforced. This law prevents anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing and/or consuming alcohol.
Instead of just pushing the idea of eighteen-year old’s being responsible which is a widely disputed opinion the article covers statistics on prohibition and how it’s not effective. Beginning the article with, “A legal limit of 21 does not stop people under 21 from consuming alcohol” (Lowering the Drinking Age, 1). Is a clear fact that adults and college students, along with teens know. Aside from the general information there are numbers given on how much prohibition has cost the United States in just this year alone. Thus far, we have spent $31,223,447,484. Lowering the legal drinking age would also prevent binge drinking from occurring as much as it does. According to the article, “90% of the alcohol consumption by individuals between 18-20 years old is done while engaging in binge drinking behavior” (Lowering the Drinking Age,1). The relevance of this article is to show with facts and numbers that lowering the drinking age would be beneficial to the economy and would help instill better drinking habits.
Body 2:
Around the world the legal drinking age varies greatly.
^^^^^combine 1 and 2
Body 3:
-brain damage
However, there are facts on brain activity that would support the idea of raising the legal age to 25, not 21. According to the article lowering the drinking age would do much more harm than good. Another issue the article brings up is the Government holding states “hostage” with certain rules set in place when laws co...

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