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We should spend money for Zoos and national parks.Zoos play a fundamental role in the conservation of endangered and threatened species all over the world. Aside from breeding endangered animals, conservation consists of the rescue and preservation of existing animals. In tropical rainforests alone, we lose 100 species every day, 4 species per hour, due to tropical deforestation. At current rates, 5 - 10% of tropical forest species will become extinct every decade.While a large part of conservation is the breeding of animals, conservation begins with the other branch of preservation of animals, which is simply housing them. Whether an animal was living in a particularly dangerous or volat ...view middle of the document...

Zoos focusing on captive breeding can call themselves conservation centers since they are helping in the fight to save endangered species.A well-managed zoo can breed animals faster than the animals might breed in an otherwise troubled area in the wild. Captive breeding has saved such species as the European Bison, the Hawaiian Goose, and the Arabian Oryx, a type of antelope, from extinction.Zoos around the world lend and trade animals with each other through the Species Survival Plan (SSP) in order to avoid inbreeding, which can lead to a weaker population, and promote a healthier, more diverse group of animals. Many zoos also participate in the International Species Information System (ISIS), a computerized inventory of more than 250,000 animals housed in zoos throughout the world. ISIS maintains ancestral records for the animals to help document the animals' genetic backgrounds. National Parks are important because they help us remember who we were, who we are, and who we will be. These beautiful places help us remember what we've already done, and what we need to accomplish to make life better for our future generations. These wonderful historic places help us to understand the diversity of our country and how it came to be.Based on popular sovereignty, we, the people, have the power of government. It is our duty to support important causes. Eighty-five percent of people polled by a Harris Survey support the cause of protecting National Parks.What if there were no National Parks? A total of 273,488,751 people would have g...


Zoos Might be Every Animals' Last Hope - Honors English 10 - Argumentative Essay

1010 words - 5 pages News Service says that we should start “transforming zoos from places to see animals…to a place where visitors help save animals” as a way for them to avert the national wildlife crisis (Jones). The next time you see a news report about a newly endangered animal, check out the zoo conservation programs and see what you can do to help these animals have a future. Works Cited Agnew, Mhairi. “Despite Controversies, Zoos Prove Important for Animal

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873 words - 4 pages confined to small, restrictive environments that deprive them of mental and physical stimulation (Last Chance for animals). The author chose to incorporate that excerpt in the beginning, it’s appealing to the reader’s emotion right away using pathos, makes the reader feel horrible, to the point where they ‘re saying to themselves “I’m done going to zoos, paying money just to watch them suffer before my eyes. Considering that, the author can

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1599 words - 7 pages animals to hunt for some of their food. Work Cited “Emphasizing Animal Well-Being and Choice: Why Zoos and Aquariums Should Become Sanctuaries.” Center for Humans & Nature, Accessed 03/25/2019. Halberstadt, Alex. “Zoo Animals and Their Discontents.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 3 July 2014,

Zoos: prisons or santuaries? Zoos are just another prison

459 words - 2 pages many a times not able to interact with others of their species and therefore have no chances of survival in the wild. Some zoos even go to the barbaric limits of giving the animals drugs so that they appear calm to the public.We may think that by keeping animals in zoos is good for them, and while it may be true in some cases it is not so in others. Not only do we take them away from all that they know but we also try to make them into us

Should animals be kept in zoos? - English - Essay

1077 words - 5 pages Aroosha Irfan 4/10/17 Block 3 Argumentative Essay Animals in the Zoo Did you know that zoos help to create connections between people and animals? A majority of people​ ​enjoy going to the zoo, but certain groups of people believe that zoos must be totally eradicated in next two decades. However, I am completely against this idea. Animals should be kept at the zoo for educational purposes, to help fight wildlife extinction, and although many

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1121 words - 5 pages these shows with or without your permission. More than thousands of studies confirm that exposure to television violence increases aggressive behavior, mostly in boys. The amount of television violence is on the up and up. Children are more susceptible to the violence on our televisions. From the above examples, you can see that television is damaging for young children. Therefore, we should at least try to mediate what our children watch. Since

The Government’s Social Order Campaign

285 words - 2 pages Free . Finally, children feel that they have no freedom, so they will try to find some secret entertainment places. They may do something bad such as taking drugs or drinking alcohol. The government should understand the nature of young people, who are curious about things around them. Instead of using iron rules, the government should motivate them to do good things. For example, the government should support teenagers to spend their free time doing their favorite activities, sports or arts. Thus, if the government wants to issue a new law, which involves everyone in the society, they should consider it more.

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944 words - 4 pages be a specialist over a veterinarian. As a rehabilitator you can work for zoos, humane society, nonprofit groups. Ect. Many rehabilitators have a specialty for example: small mammals, reptiles, small birds, big birds. There are many different categories one can specialize in, within the animal field. Being in this profession you don’t make a lot of money, salary is usually around 25,000-35,000 range according to Kramer. Money to me is just

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1144 words - 5 pages Free more left-over money to play with. So, if the wealthy are left with more money that they don’t need and the middle class only has a small amount of money left to play with then what should we do. Well we should obviously tax the rich. Now if you’re thinking I have something against the rich then you’re wrong. They worked just as hard for their money as the middle-class citizens do. So, they too deserve to reap the rewards of their labor but it’s

Problems of living with roommates

491 words - 2 pages who is responsible for each task in our apartment. For example, I think we can use different color rubber bands to mark the bottles that each person has drunk, so we will know who the owner of each bottle is. Also, we may be able to set up some new rules for clean-up responsibility. I plan to suggest that every Sunday we should spend one hour to clean the house together .I am also going to suggest that we should turn off the light immediately after

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418 words - 2 pages Free area and the land. I believe it's a cycle, and all interrelated with how much a person is able to buy, spend money and how much of a say they get on how resources are used. The people who live in the forests and mountains in the third world, (where most of these resources are taken from) opinion, on how the resources are taken or even if they should be taken, doesn’t matter since they aren’t going to spend money to buy the products. The


1753 words - 8 pages years now.In conclusion, the war on drugs is a war on our selves. No matter how much money we spend, or how many special police units are trained, or how many drug shipments police disrupt, or intercept will have very little impact, the drugs keep on coming. The reason why is, because drugs are illegal which makes users pay much more for them on the black market. Pure Cocaine, for an example, is three times the cost then gold. This then makes

General 'snap-Shot' Autobiography, Can Be Used By Anyone

568 words - 3 pages them would take a minute and talk with us. A lot of the people would tell us that we were doing a good job and we should save the money we made for college, we never saved anything. Others would want to talk in general and ask us what we want to do with our life, I would always say I wanted to be a cop and my cousin would say he wanted to be a lawyer. Since then our goals have changed.I loved running that business we had. It took very little

Why We Should All Stop Smoking

589 words - 3 pages Why we should all stop smokingIt's obvious that we are all aware that smoking harms your body. So why do people continue to smoke cigarettes? Maybe they do it because subconsciously you have not yet been hurt by it. There are so many reasons why you should not smoke. Some of theses reasons include health risks, all of the money you spend, and when you do smoke, you are not respecting those around you.It is a fact that smoking affects your health

Gun Control

440 words - 2 pages don't believe banning guns, is the answer. I do believe more public knowledge and keeping people informed of the dos and dont's of gun use is a must. Finding the source of where these illegal guns are sold is also something we need to spend more money on. If making gun laws stricter include giving proper education before buying, or even touching a gun, than I am all for it. There maybe no real solution now but with more education and knowledge, we can make both armed and unarmed people aware.