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Should We Spend Money For Zoos

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We should spend money for Zoos and national parks.Zoos play a fundamental role in the conservation of endangered and threatened species all over the world. Aside from breeding endangered animals, conservation consists of the rescue and preservation of existing animals. In tropical rainforests alone, we lose 100 species every day, 4 species per hour, due to tropical deforestation. At current rates, 5 - 10% of tropical forest species will become extinct every decade.While a large part of conservation is the breeding of animals, conservation begins with the other branch of preservation of animals, which is simply housing them. Whether an animal was living in a particularly dangerous or volatile ...view middle of the document...

Zoos focusing on captive breeding can call themselves conservation centers since they are helping in the fight to save endangered species.A well-managed zoo can breed animals faster than the animals might breed in an otherwise troubled area in the wild. Captive breeding has saved such species as the European Bison, the Hawaiian Goose, and the Arabian Oryx, a type of antelope, from extinction.Zoos around the world lend and trade animals with each other through the Species Survival Plan (SSP) in order to avoid inbreeding, which can lead to a weaker population, and promote a healthier, more diverse group of animals. Many zoos also participate in the International Species Information System (ISIS), a computerized inventory of more than 250,000 animals housed in zoos throughout the world. ISIS maintains ancestral records for the animals to help document the animals' genetic backgrounds. National Parks are important because they help us remember who we were, who we are, and who we will be. These beautiful places help us remember what we've already done, and what we need to accomplish to make life better for our future generations. These wonderful historic places help us to understand the diversity of our country and how it came to be.Based on popular sovereignty, we, the people, have the power of government. It is our duty to support important causes. Eighty-five percent of people polled by a Harris Survey support the cause of protecting National Parks.What if there were no National Parks? A total of 273,488,751 people would have gone...

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