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World War One was a global conflict that withheld 4 years of bloodshed and tears, it was spoken as ‘the war to end all wars’ (Paul Dowsell 2014). Between 1914 and 1918, most of the fighting took place in Europe but it also involved countries from every corner of the world. The cause of WW1 was based upon four main causes Militarism, Aliiances, Imperialism and Nationalism, these causes assisted the development of what is said to be “The great War”. Although alliances dictates the rivalry and outlined who each unified country and empire fought, it was the equal contribution of Militarism and Alliances, but more significantly nationalism and imperialism that let to the cause of World War one.
In the years leading up to 1914, there were increasing tensions and rivalries between allied powers (Clive 2013). Alliances and militarism were a key factor in the contribution to WW1, however it wasn’t the most significant. Between 1879 and 1907, leading nations grouped themselves into 2 alliances in the fright of one another, the triple alliance which composed of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. The triple entente was an alliance conducting of France, Russia and Britain. Each participating nation in the alliance promised to provide military support if one member was attacked. According to “leaders thought alliances would tip the balance of power in their favour.” The partnerships created tension among nations, fearing enemy like two equally strong sport teams facing against eachother. Alliances were formed for the sole purpose of defence, not the intent to conquer. Britain’s involvement in the war was solely based on Germany’s Military development. Tol (2014) emphasises that “No war can be fought without guns, ammunition and soldiers”. The arms race in Europe was the development of armies and navies. Despite claims that European countries were not preparing for war, most were training armies and building up on ships and military equipment. Countries like Germany and France used conscription to have the capability to call on men when war broke out. Despite the military development and preparations Militarism was not the prime reason to the outbreak of war. Although Alliances and Militarism provided the materials and dictated rivalry, it was Imperialism and Nationalism that most significantly impacted the beginning of war.
Imperialism was one of the most significant causes of ww1. M.Kelly (2018) defines imperialism as, “when a country increases their power and wealth by bringing additional territories under their control”. Britain, Spain, France ...


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