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Loretto Abbey's SHSM Program – NON-PROFIT Sector
Student Registration Form for the 2018-2019 Academic Year
Thank you for your interest in enroling in Loretto Abbey’s Non-Profit Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Program. You will
gain valuable knowledge and participate in enriching experiences in grades 11 and 12!
A Summary of the SHSM Program
• A specific BUNDLE* of 9 CREDITS some of which include Contextualized Learning Activities (CLAs)
• Sector-recognized CERTIFICATIONS and/or training workshops
• REACH-AHEAD EXPERIENCES - Connected with the student’s chosen post-secondary pathway
• Four "MAJOR" credits providing non-profit sector-related material
• One ENGLISH credit (Grade 11 or 12)
• One MATH credit (Grade 11 or 12)
• One “OTHER REQUIRED” credit **
• Two credits in CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION in a placement related to the non-profit sector **
** Note: A third Co-Op credit can be used in place of a “MAJOR” or “MINOR/OTHER REQUIRED” credit, to a maximum of three in total.
Please take time to fill in the table and answer the questions below. Keep in mind that your plans may change and this
is okay. This application is your initial commitment to Loretto Abbey’s SHSM Program.
Full Name: Current Grade:
Email Address:
Why are you interested in the Non-Profit SHSM program? What makes you a good candidate for this program?
Co-Operative Education – You need TWO credits, with a placement in the NP Sector.
As of right now, I plan to complete my co-op credits: (Please check one option.)
o during the summer after grade 10
o during grade 11 – day school (Note: This is the IDEAL option.)
o during the summer after grade 11
o during grade 12
o during night school
SHSM MAJORS – You need FOUR of these courses.
At least one must be a grade 12 course.
Mandatory for OSSD:
o World Religions (HRT 3M)
Grade 11 Courses:
o Introduction to Marketing (BMI 3C)
o Physical Geography (CGF 3M)
o American History (CHA 3U)
o World History (CHW 3M)
o Understanding Canadian Law (CLU 3M)
o Leadership/Peer Mentorship (GPP 3O)
o Parenting (HPC 3O)
o SAP (HSP 3C/M/U)
o Current Aboriginal Issues in Canada (NDA 3M)
o Environmental Science (SVN 3M)
o Communications Technology (TGJ 3M or 4M/O)
o One Additional Co-Op Credit
Grade 12 Courses:
o International Business (BBB 4M)
o Economics (CIA 4U)
o The Environ. and Resource Mgmt. (CGR 4M)
o Human Geography (CGU 4U)
o World Issues (CGW 4U)
o The West and the World (CHY 4U)
o Law (CLN 4U)
o Canadian & World Politics (CPW 4U)
o Individuals and Families (HHS 4C/M/U)
o Challenge & Change in Society (HSB 4U)
o Philosophy (HZT 4U)
o Recreation and Fitness Leadership (PLF 4C)
o GLE 4O, OLC 4O, MEL 4E
SHSM MINOR/OTHER – You need ...

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