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Silent Mill Part 1 Essay

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A dark, gloomy mist flooded the air as I entered the town."Its like a ghost town". I said to himself, wondering where everybody was. I stumbled out of my car and peered curiously into a shop window, no one was there. No one was in any of the buildings, "No wonder this town is called Silent Mill". I walked on up the street, noticing that this strange fog that filled the air was getting thicker. My car was now out of sight completely. I walked on past a thick oak tree, this was the only tree in the street and it looked as if some one had recently removed it and then replanted it haphazardly. The roots were all withered and sticking up toward me. I moved on when I heard footsteps, which were ...view middle of the document...

I walked backwards looking up and down for the source of the noise, when I felt a sharp pain in my leg. I had treaded backwards against the wall onto a nail. "Stupid kids", I said as a rubbed the back of my trousers noticing how wet my hand was, I moved into the light to find it was blood. In anger I kicked the wall and threaten the children to come out, suddenly I heard a creek. I looked behind me and saw the part of the wall I kicked was broken. I pulled away some of the old wallpaper and plaster and found a small airshaft. Slowly I climbed in. All sorts of things raced through my mind about the children locked in the room. Why are they in there, why are they crying? I knew I was soon to find out.As I climbed out of the air vent, I looked round the room, at least 14 children, white faced, in blood stained clothes, staring at me. They were no longer crying."Hey guys, why are you in here, why were u..." I couldn't speak, the words were coming out, but know sound met them, and they weren't spoken. The children started crying, yet as I watched them, they weren't crying, they weren't doing anything at all, it was the record player. Then it happened, I was staring blankly at the children when I heard a voice, my voice; "Why are you crying, stupid kids, hey guys, why would they run away" I started...

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