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Silent Mill Part 3 Essay

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It's funny isn't it? When your dead you hear voices, but some people who are alive hear voices anyway. Its like a gift that you can't return, because theirs no receipt. No one wants it, but they have to live with it, in a matter of speaking I mean."Sonia can you hear me?" It was blurry and hard to see, I didn't know where I was, who I was, how I got here. I could feel my body being slapped and pinched,'Why don't they leave me alone?'"Wake up!" No, I want to lie here forever, were no one can hurt me, go away."Get up!" I opened my eyes to find I was sitting in someone's living room, I didn't recognize it at all. It had various pictures of family members on the wall, the wallpaper was dirty and ...view middle of the document...

'Ohhh... what a poor child you are, this is a blood relative of the murdering bitch that killed our father, do you think I would let her get away with having a murderous bitch for a mother, no... no I wont.' I knew what I had to do, it would kill me inside, but he had disobeyed the one thing we always listened to, the one thing my father always told us, If I die of hunger, murder or natural causes. Keep your soul tight within you, because if you do what I did, you'll lose it, the Silent mill picks up death a mile away, remember your soul is our only source of communication if we die.'I didn't care. Kepp wasn't getting away with murder, I walked over to him and whispered, 'Tell daddy I love him' and pushed him through the glass window. I pulled you up and dragged you over to my house, leaving only once to, closed and lock the door of the mill so as no one could ever unleash the horror my father created.""Were is your brother then, if you pushed him out the window, he would have landed on the ground, or maybe on the ledge above the door, he would still be alive then, wouldn't he?""I... I... he's... he's in the mill, with my father, once you die in the mill, you cant leave it, so I brought his body back up and left him with his father, my father.""Why, why did you kill him,...

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