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The book I read is called "Silent Spring," written by Rachel Carson and published in 1962.The whole book was an alarmed appeal to everybody who used insecticides and especially who used DDT.The book mostly describes how DDT is used by people and how it enters the food chain and causes cancer and genetic damage. It also describes how other chemicals such as Dieldrin ...view middle of the document...

With "Silent Spring" Rachel Carson wanted to stop the use of insecticides because these chemicals not only kill the pests at which they were aimed for but often kill beneficial organisms as well.After she published "Silent Spring," her 3rd book about the environment, the American government regulated the use of Aldrin and Dieldrin and stopped the use of DDT because they noticed that Rachel Carson was absolutely right with what she wrote in her book.I think this book is boring but also very intersting. She describes many actions in which DDT and other insecticides are used but after a whole bunch of actions it's going to be boring. This book can scare everybody because it is very alarming. When I read this book I wasn't really scared because Rachel Carson describes the actions in the 1960's and this is over 40 years ago and today there are changes.Basically I enjoyed reading this book.


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1921 words - 8 pages limits which was also at core of environmentalism - Biologist Rachel Carson published Silent Spring which analyzed the pesticide DDT’s toxic impact on food chains - Events like fighting off dams that would flood grand canyon, offshore drilling spilling millions of gallons of oil off coast of Santa Barbara, Cuyahoga River near Cleveland burst into flames because of chemicals, and airport that threatened wildlife in Florida made environmentalism a

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469 words - 2 pages species of animals · Hybridise- mixed breeding of plants · Wildlife is harmed by recreation practises · Oldest nat. park in Australia is Witches Falls in QLD founded 1908.· Rachel Carson's SILENT SPRING showed the impact that pesticides could have in areas far outside where they were applied.· We are using up our renewable resources faster than we can replace them &middot

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399 words - 2 pages the cold harsh surroundings. The fact that the story takes place during winter creates almost an eerie silent undertone. With no one else to talk to the silence grows, "...the frozen silence of the bitter fields..." (290) Feelings of despair and loneliness are pushed forward as Ann stands by the window waiting, "eager and hopeful first; then clenched rebellious and lonely." (291) She realizes that no matter how many spring times there are too

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1802 words - 8 pages College medal in 2004. In 2005, Sylvia was also awarded the John P. McGovern Science and Society Award from Sigma Xi. In 2008, Sylvia wrote Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas (National Geographic Atlas). In 2009 Earle published The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean's Are One. In 2009, Dr. Earle was awarded the Artiglio Award (Premio Artiglio 2009), she also was awarded The National Audubon Society's prestigious Rachel Carson Award, a premier award

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952 words - 4 pages automobile the greatest invention of all time. Throughout history, there are few things that have had as big of an impact on the world as the automobile has. All in all, the automobile reaches a level of greatness unlike any other invention. Work Cited "Automobile Industry." Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History, edited by Thomas Carson and Mary Bonk, Gale, 1999. U.S. History in Context,

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562 words - 3 pages I sit quietly in the woods, my back leaning up against the rough bark of the cottonwood tree. I can feel each groove and track running through the bark. Underneath me I can feel the planks of the the wooden platform I sit on. There is a breeze stirring through the barren branches of the forest around me. The rope suspended thirty feet in the air by a steel wire sways back and forth as if pushed by an invisible hand. The rope seems to call to me

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521 words - 3 pages begins. He is quiet and withdrawn, but he is also extremely observant and thoughtful, always paying close attention to everything going on around him, even if he is only a silent witness. Charlie writes the entire book as a series of letters to an anonymous friend. The reader never learns who this friend is, and the friend never writes back. Each letter begins with the greeting “Dear friend” and ends “Love always, Charlie.” Because he never gets

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2065 words - 9 pages decades to centuries) and hence they affect the radiative forcing on long-time scales.” (David Carson, 1996). In 1930, it was calculated by Stewart Callendar that the Earth has warmed up by North America and the North Atlantic region a bit, especially because of the Industrial Revolution because of producing an excessive amount of CO2. This put that the Earth was warming into effect. The Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 1958 was one of the

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1049 words - 5 pages Hutchinson and two sons to South Carolina and bought land there. Father died shortly before the birth of the youngest son. As little Andrew had to become a priest. So, he unlike his brothers was privileged to obtain in the subsequent time an education of the elementary school, which several years later was interrupted by the war for independence. Andrew and his older brother Robert went to the front and in one of the battles with the British they were

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1191 words - 5 pages you choose to connect Melinda to the seasonal changes of a tree, you would focus on fall, winter, and spring/summer (these 2 will go together). Choice 2: Explain the phases her tree art went through, over the course of her freshman year, and how do they represent her. Connect each phase to her own changes and transformation. Be specific. This would focus on her art project instead of the seasonal changes or cycle of life stated in choice 1. You

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1744 words - 7 pages affected by the agency itself, however, the structure is an important part in the establishment of gender. In the book Dark Traces of Martin Steyn, the woman was exceeded, and their bodies were found without pants but a shirt still. The book is about some girls who are missing and when their bodies are found, the investigation reports that they have found girls who have been raped, and their bodies are dumped there for a couple the days and the


1656 words - 7 pages people are usually people who marry at an older age. Articles show that older people truly love being parents at an older age and they believe that being a parent at an older age is actually helping the world by them providing useful knowledge to their child. Moreover, deaths and parents leaving their children behind are incidents in people's life that can lead to unexpected parenting. These two factors contribute to an unlimited age in parenting

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1539 words - 7 pages unremembered lads that not again Will turn to me at midnight with a cry. Thus in the winter stands a lonely tree, Nor knows what birds have vanished one by one, Yet know its boughs more silent than before: I cannot say what loves have come and gone; I only know that summer sang in me A little while, that in me sings no more. Edna St. Vincent Millay (b. 1892- d.1950) One of the Seven Has Somewhat to Say Remember how it was before she came--? The

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1123 words - 5 pages to check for any water springs that may be concealed by a layer of snow and ice. The dog broke through the ice and ended up wetting its foot. Then, the water soon turned to ice. In its instinct for survival, the dog quickly began to bite out the ice that had formed. This foreshadowed the man breaking through the ice and stepping into the spring below his knee. He also attempted to dry his foot and continue on his survival. In the beginning of

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1443 words - 6 pages Free that should not be forgotten is Canada’s contribution in the Second World War. Many argue that without the great courage of over one million Canadians, victory on the side of the Allies may not have been possible. It is evident that their contribution to the Allied war effort was significant by the fact that they aided in the war on land, at sea and in the air, and on the home front. To begin, Canadians contributed to the Allied war effort