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Comparison/Contrast of Poe & Hawthorne
Horror Literature:2239-001
DECEMBER 10, 2018
Allen Edgar Allen Poe and Hawthorne build use of symbolism in their writing. Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe are considered masters of American gothic fiction. They used similar gothic elements in their writing and used it to build up a sense of impending doom. Even today numerous readers enjoy, study, and discuss the gothic elements both utilized in their work. Gothic writing is a style that is concerned with the dark side of society, an evil that lies within the self. Poe and Hawthorne contributed stories which contained dark struggles between characters and society with its rules of order of the time. Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allen Poe used their writing to allow them and readers deal with the problems of society, their own lives, and their inner demons. Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne used varied techniques in their writing together with symbolism, allegory, suspense, characterization and nice use of setting to form it terribly real to the reader. Both gothic writers set a special mood for the reader in their writings. Symbolism is gift in stories to supply depth and insight into the plot, it’s the environment that build a personality look an exact thanks to the reader. Poe and Hawthorne build use of symbolism in their writing. Poe and Hawthorne’s works are still being interpreted by generations of readers on many different levels.
Even though oe and Hawthrone have similarities they also have some differences
Nathaniel Hawthorne on the opposite hand considers author’s imagination necessary and paints an image supported it. These innovative thoughts and experimentations in language have forever modified what we tend to appreciate in writing. Gothic writing is fantasy meant to entertain even though, it depicts the political and social problems happening at the time. Other stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne like, “The Birthmark,” and, “Rappaccini’s Daughter,” provided a unique view of a how a male dominated society can harm its women. Hawthorne skillfully used gothic elements in his writing to create a clear picture of some approaching death. In both "Rappaccini's Daughter" and "The Birthmark" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, female characters are methodically developed as paragons of flawlessness, magnificence, and virginal beauty just to be, before the finish of every story, totally pulverized. Strangely, while this may at first look appear to be a plaguing issue of misogyny, this isn't really the situation since the destruction of both focal ladies' characters, Beatrice and Georgiana, are achieved due to the logical impedance of men. Toward the start of every one of these accounts by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the two ladies are displayed as being at the stature of physical excellence and unadulterated of spirit. The picture of Beatrice Rappaccini is compared to that of the blossoms she tends to and even before the significance of...

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