Since Times In Memorial, No Territory In The Ancient World Was Able To Survive On Its Own. Eco310 Report

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        Since times in memorial, no territory in the Ancient World was able to survive on its own. No territory was self-sufficient when it came to goods and services. This aspect has been carried forth by modern day economies. Economies depend on each other for products and services which they do not produce. A good example for elaboration is petroleum, few countries in the World extract the commodity. In each and every country of the World petroleum and petroleum products are used. This shows how nonproducers depend on oil producers for survival. On the other hand, oil producing countries can't make use of all the oil they produce. The surplus has to be disposed of in a good way. By disposing of it, they sell the oil to friendly nations which are able and willing to buy. For instance, the largest importer of the Worlds petroleum is the US.
      By the use of the above example, countries depend on each other for trade purposes. Country X exports its product and services to country Y since country Y does not produce the commodity/service or there is a shortage in country Y The vice versa is true where country Y exports to country X. Other means through which countries depend on each other are investments. Since in country Y, the economic conditions are suitable, firms from country X open up branches in country Y.  Country Y is also not restricted from opening up firms in country X.
        Trade and economic activities between two countries depend on some factors. In the paper, we are interested in what makes country X attractive regarding business and trade and what makes it unattractive. Our guiding elements will be things such as the level of imports and exports, the foreign exchange rates, and currency. We are going to look at the infrastructure, tax regimes in place, trade barriers, and tariffs, etc. After a thorough analysis of the above recommendations and conclusions will be made
Case Study of France
     France is among members of the European Union (EU). Being a member of the EU this makes it very attractive regarding trade, investments, and business opportunities. It is attractive to both EU members and nonmembers. One of the nonmember countries which are very interested in trade and investments in France is the US. The numbers of firms from the US being set up in France are on an increasing trend. Over 1,000 firms from the US have pitched a tent in France. They account for about 700,000 of the workforce in France. Examples of firms which are already operating in France include IBM, Ford Motors and Coco Cola, etc.
      This is just a fraction of the firms in France which have their roots in the US. Some firms from the US have been in operation in France since the 19th century. They include JP Morgan who started its operations in France in the year 1862. American Express started its operations in France in 1895. This shows a long-lasting attractiveness of the France market to US firms. T...


To what extent was homosexuality the norm in classical Athens - Ancient History - Essay

4303 words - 18 pages Free definition the norm is something that is usual, typical or standard. In modern England sex is everywhere, but there are limits in its portrayal. Gay marriage was only legalized relatively recently in 2014[footnoteRef:1], with other places around the world still considering it illegal. With homosexuality’s slow legalization around the globe, it is considered more normalized, especially amoung younger generations, who can fail to consider the

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444 words - 2 pages Ancient Egypt, civilization that thrived along the Nile River in northeastern Africa for more than 3,000 years, from about 3300 bc to 30 bc. It was the longest-lived civilization of the ancient world. Geographically, the term ancient Egypt indicates the territory where the ancient Egyptians lived in the valley and delta of the Nile. Culturally, it refers to the ways ancient Egyptians spoke, worshiped, understood the nature of the physical world

Caribbean History: Account For The Emancipation Of Slaves In Any One Caribbean Territory. Territory Choosen: French

1042 words - 5 pages and food and clothing. The problem was planters mainly kept together. Crimes committed against slaves were most of the time not reported because no one cared to report on their neighbour. An example of this is of the coffee planter Le Jeune who killed four of his slaves. Fourteen of his slaves complained to the authorities but then white witnesses came forward, swore this was not true, and petitioned to have the slaves who complained whipped. The

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1718 words - 7 pages Free , combining African and European music traditions. It was in 1880, when the Atlantic slave trade brought Africans to the United States and we began to see music starting to cross boundaries. It is from this movement in history that jazz began to develop. With the African community came their music; composed of a single line melody and a call and response pattern, but without the Western concept of harmony. Their rhythms reflected African speech

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742 words - 3 pages In today's world, it is accepted that, no matter the ability of an individual, somebody has a greater gift than him. Whether power, knowledge, or character, any person can equally find a talent to compare with another's. In Cyrano de Bergerac, however, one man has more skill in everything than anyone he faces. Cyrano, with his gentle spirit and vibrant swordsmanship, proves to surpass mankind by taking his actions in art, battle, and love to the

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3006 words - 13 pages claimed that her marriage to the emperor Claudius was the first step in her aim of gaining and using political power. Leadbetter agrees with Tacitus view that her marriage to the emperor ‘marked her ascendancy to real power in Rome’[footnoteRef:9] Through her marriage to the emperor Claudius Agrippina was able to exercise control over the government and her husband. Historian Freisenbruch, who provides complimentary accounts on Agrippina

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756 words - 4 pages Hoe ingrijpend is Nederland veranderd sinds 1945Na de feestvreugde van de bevrijding stond de Nederlandse bevolking de zware taak van de wederopbouw te wachten. In de oorlog was het land zwaar beschadigd. Het openbaar vervoer werkte niet meer , installaties en machines van bedrijven waren grotendeels geroofd en brandstof , kleding en levensmiddelen waren schaars.De wederopbouw verliep de wederopbouw in de jaren na de oorlog voorspoedig mede

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1155 words - 5 pages The progression of music from the 1940's to the present has seen extremes, it has been controversial at times, traditional at times and inspirational at times, but never have the American people turned away music in its entirety. There have been times when parents did not approve of the music that their children chose to listen to, but the parents had never turned away music. Music has been criticized and promoted. Since the 40's music has

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1910 words - 8 pages captured troops were Australian. The country was faced with the fact that a distant and beleaguered Britain could be no real assistance against what was believed to be an imminent Japanese invasion.Australia's reliance on Britain was greatly tested through the Second World War and Australia began to create its own independent foreign policy, out from under the shadow of Britain. Before World War II, Australia was still considered part of the British

Assessing the reasons why Henry VII was able to reduce the power of the Nobility - Dhahran School / Grade 11 - Essay

1066 words - 5 pages costly and potentially dangerous foreign entanglements, thus allowing him to focus on consolidating his own fledgling dynasty. On the whole, Henry was extremely successful in achieving his aims in this period; a series of truces were agreed with both Scotland and France which both reduced the threat of invasion whilst at the same time not committing Henry to war in their defence. In addition to this Henry was also successful in establishing a

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523 words - 3 pages on. They told her they are uncertain as to when the power will turn back on. So she waited and waited. Finally after 2 hours of non stop facebook and candy crush on her phone the power turned on. When my dad came home he asked what she did that day and she said with a frustrating tone “ nothing, i did nothing” he asked what was wrong she told him the power went out and she was bored out of her mind. We were all sitting in the living room thinking

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798 words - 4 pages to or cause an increase in poverty rates in Canada. The following are major factors in poverty growth: income inequality based on gender (citizenUltraining, 2011), unaffordable housing (Just, 2019), and inability to obtain secondary school diploma or higher education (Sekharan, 2015). More details and possible solutions will be explored later in this report. B. Introduction Research conducted in 2017 by Citizens for Public Justice revealed that

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425 words - 2 pages students bring the cell phones to the classes, the phones are most times not turned off. And when the phones start to make noises (like one of these annoying, polyphone ring tones or short message sounds), it's really disturbing to all of the other students in class. And the worst time that can happen is between tests, so that the other students losing there focus on the work and that can cost a lot of time to "catch" up.Next, some of the students

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1034 words - 5 pages personality could always be felt whenever she spoke out against the society. However, she was only a fictional character with the will to defend personal ideas and viewpoints in a more rebellious manner. The beginning of The Wife of bath’s Tale character can be viewed to go against the Christian beliefs of that Medieval period. She has before taken scriptures from the bible on different occasions and explained them in her own words of what she thought

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2859 words - 12 pages " for this idea is difficult to understand. He scrutinizes whether perhaps he is a body infused with a soul but this idea is dismissed since he cannot be certain of concepts that are of the material world. Eventually he focuses on the act of thinking and from this he posits: "I am a thing that thinks."(20 ) A thing that doubts, understands, affirms, denies, wills, refuses, and that also imagines and senses. To prove that perception on the part of