Sir Gawain Case Study Of 1000 Words Using Sources From The Norton Anthology Vol. B Middlesex Community College Essay

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Madison Menafro
Professor Espinoza
19 February 2019
The Story Behind the Beginning
The question that circles a lot within the human’s mind is why is United States history still important to learn about today? History is important because from 30,000 B.C.E. to today, it has built a foundation for an understanding of society and change, it provides a sense of identity, and it has helped inspire and teach the United States of America. History has also given us, the people of this country, knowledge and has shown truth throughout its time. Understanding U.S. history can be beneficial for the future by helping to provide professional skills as well as forcing citizens to purposely create arguments to further find evidence or claims to support specific ideas. United
States history begins in 30,000 B.C.E. with the arrival of the Native Americans and English Immigrants or ‘settlers’. Both societies were extremely different and held separate views on life and nature. The Native Americans would be described as “complex societies” for their “one with nature” mindset. The English Immigrants were considered the “first immigrants” to arrive being they came after the Native Americans. Due to the diversity, the English Immigrants endured, many conflicts aroused between the settlers and Native Americans.
First, the English Immigrants were described as ‘remorseless killers’ but why and how did they become this and why what makes it agreeable? To begin, they struggled with starvation leading to antisocial communities. In the story “An English Landlord Describes a Troubled England (1623)”, a Lincolnshire landlord described England as it turned into poverty and hunger. The landlord compared the then to now in his time by saying “Our country was never in that want that now it is”(“An English Landlord Describes a Troubled England (1623)”). To simplify being that England was the way it was, many people left the land leaving England to deteriorate slowly but surely. He described the life of England during it's perishing quite specifically. The landlord described the hunger as a “dainty dish” meaning those citizens would do anything to get their hands on something no matter what it was for survival. The people left England looking for a better life and that was their intentions when they arrived in what is now Jamestown, Virginia in the year 1608. To circle back, the question of seeking an answer is why were these English settlers remorseless killers? Since the Native Americans did not necessarily believe in privacy like the settlers, they curiously but unintentionally ‘invaded’ the English causing the settlers to kill those who trespassed. The settlers had fencing around their property to alert others that they own the area; however, the Native Americans ignored the fencing around the settlers property for they did not see the fencing as any type of “sign”. The immigrants refused to live the life they came from making them ...


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