Sir Gawain Essay How Did He Use Power English Ii Essay

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Sophia Weissinger
Dr. Wilson
English II
19 October, 2018
In- Class Essay on Sir Gawain
Everything in Arthur’s world seems to be fun and games, as he is the king and his people are happy as can be. It is new years in the Kingdom of Camelot, and everyone is partying. Their world of uncompareable wealth is shown off by the games they are playing, the “platform, (which is) pricelessly curtained by silk to each side, and the endless food that they have free reign over. As soon as the Green Knight enteres the kingdom, the energy seems to still and the fun seems to wash away. Arthur’s world is full of wealth and energy, but the Green Knight seems to live in a world of power and rigidity.
The biggest difference it the energy of both of their worlds.
“It was Christmas at Camelot—King Arthur’s court, where the great and the good of the land had gathered, the right noble lords of the ranks of the Round Table all roundly carousing and reveling in pleasure. Time after time, in tournaments of jous, the lunged at eachother with leveled lances then returned to the castly to carry on their caroling, for the festing lasted a full fortnight and one day, with more food and drnink than a fellow could dream of. The hubbub of their humor was heavenly to hear…”
While reading about Arthur, it feels as though one is immersed into his world, feeling the wealth and ...


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