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Sir Gawain and The Green Knight
King and knights are having dinner night, they king suggest we start with stories. Suddenly a
green knight shows up and challenge someone. The challenge is to cut off his head but in a
year find the green night and to do the same. But, Sir Gawain steps up and takes the challenge
instead. He chops the green knights head off and as time goes by he keeps his word and
ventures out to find him. He suffers from hunger and cold and almost at the end of his trip he
stops at a castle where he is warmly welcomed. The lord makes a deal with him that he will go
out and hunt and whatever the knight does or gets throughout the day he must give to the lord
in return for whatever the lord finds or hunts. First day one kiss, second day 2 kisses, but the
third day he gets 3 kisses and a “Girdle” when the lord arrives and does the trade the knight
only gives him the 3 kisses but not the girdle because the girdle possesses magic that
whomever wears it is protected from death. He decides to keep it because the next day he will
be confronting the green knight and wearing will protect him from death. When he meets him,
the green knights gives 3 blows but on the 3rd one he draws blood and the knight begins to
panic on why blood is dispersing. The green knight confesses he is the lord and knows he lied
about not giving the girdle and thats why he drawed blood. The knight begins to confess he
did lie and starts to feel bad but the lord tells him he is proud of him being very knightly and Sir
Gawain on his way home he still feels very bad for not upholding the knight status, but upon
arriving his friends are there all wearing the girdle to support him.
The Knights Tale
This story starts with the noble duke Theseus who...

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