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ChE 494/598: Homework #1 (Group Assignment), due Tuesday, Jan. 24
1. Please identify a challenge that the science and engineering community is facing and write a
T.I.M.E. problem statement.
2. Please discuss individual and/or group goals within your homework group. Select one of them
and write a S.M.A.R.T. goal.
3. Famous Card Drop Team Exercise (The following exercise is an adaptation of a famous
experiment popularized by W. Edwards Deming.)
There are 3 roles associated with this exercise: a “Machine”, an Operator and a Manager.
Work Rule #1: a. The machine stands with one arm fully extended at shoulder height,
b. As carefully as possible, the operator aligns the hand of the machine over
the target marked on the floor,
c. The operator signals the machine to drop the card,
d. Without adjusting the position of the machine, the operator repeatedly loads
the machine with a card and which is then dropped. Allow 10 cards to
accumulate on the floor. Leave the machine where it is regardless of where
the cards land. Rule 1 requires that you do not reposition the funnel!
Work Rule #2: a. The operator starts by carefully aligning the machine over the target marked
on the floor. As in rule #1, the operator loads a card. Af...


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1943 words - 8 pages quality control approaches 1. In Six Sigma decisions are taken only based on the data. In quality approaches, decisions are made based on the combination of the data and some subjective aspects on the part of the process owners. 2. In Six Sigma performs a control of the process inputs while what in traditional quality approaches, process inspection methods are applied. 3. In Six Sigma there is a demand in the use of statistical tools that help to

Assignment On Six Sigma

529 words - 3 pages performance will help to achieve the overall goal.I think the main theme of the article is how a Six Sigma program can ultimately benefit the corporation's bottom line. The article also stresses the importance of the role that the CEO must take in the process. The CEO must:(1) Set up and serve on the Six Sigma management council.(2) Establish goals for the process.(3) Lead the deployment process.(4) Allocate needed resources.(5) Assign responsibilities

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1169 words - 5 pages , without it, it is difficult to have a budget, save costs, and identify product design and advancement strategies. The six sigma facilitates data-driven problem-solving. Bass (2007) notes that Six Sigma is based on statistical analysis and is a strict approach which drives process and product improvements by the use of statistical measurements and analyses. Six Sigma compels firms to define their vision of quality numerically. it derives from a

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734 words - 3 pages T.O.R.C.H. (Teaching, Obligations, Rights, Characteristics, History) Process Synopsis amma R Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority’s aim is to enhance the quality of life within the community. Public service, leadership development and education of youth are the hallmark of the organization’s programs and activities. Sigma Gamma Rho addresses concerns that impact society educationally, civically and economically. Page | 2 T.O.R.C.H. PROCESS Synopsis Sigma

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2009 words - 9 pages Free effectively. III. New approaches for quality management system for the company The VWG has been applied some methods such as 5S, Kaizen and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) but they are not efficiency and accuracy. Hence, there were many mistakes cannot be eliminated. The firm should apply “six sigma” quality control method to deal with any problems and improve the quality level of the products. Six-sigma is a methodology to enhance the capacity of

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2450 words - 10 pages representatives, leading to loss of production and loss of revenue for Coats Viyella. This example is from the 1990’s, showing that these theories are still used in relatively modern society. On a more positive note, the Six Sigma quality management system, which was developed by Motorola in the 1980s, has a strong basis in both Max Weber’s Bureaucracy and F.W. Taylor’s Scientific Management theories. As the Aveta Business Institute state, ‘any project

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1023 words - 5 pages TQM suggests a culture and a way of doing business. (Apollo Group, Inc., 2004)Riordan Manufacturing integrates the Total Quality Management (TQM) characteristics of continuous internal and external improvement to satisfy customer requirements into the business plan. Listed below are high level points outlined in their mission statement:•Focus on Six Sigma and ISO 9000 standards•Leading edge research and development department&bull

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1336 words - 6 pages anticipated to last for 14 days. The prisoners were arrested by actual cops and taken through the process of being booked and relocated to their cells. The participants playing guards were given some preliminary training in the field. However, the experiment had to be ended early, after only six days, due to the behaviors of both the prisoners and prison guards (Cherry, 2014). Once the different players were assigned their role in the experiment

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1887 words - 8 pages 1 Compare geometry in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia February 14, 2019 1 Introduction Geometry is the branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional objects [1]. Geometric concepts were being utilised as early as 3000 BCE by the Egyptians and Babylonians, it was a beneficial approach to enhance social well being of the civilisations such as tax collection, building

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1419 words - 6 pages Free will be more than one. The rate order is determined by taking the slope of the linear line that make from editing. (1/Δt) VS Concentration 6. Design an experimental procedure involving at least six 25.00 mL aliquots of hydrochloric acid or varying concentration prepared from stock 6.0 M HCl. FIRST PROCEDURE: 1. Make different concentrations of hydrochloric acid by adding different amount of water. 2. Use six Erlenmeyer flask with the same amount

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657 words - 3 pages MIS 320 – 004 HW Assignment #1 1. As related to networking, what are protocols? In short, network protocols are the rules for communications between them. The long definition is Network protocols are formal standards and policies comprised of rules, procedures and formats that define communication between two or more devices over a network. 2. What are the two parts of a MAC address? The two parts of the mac address are, Organizational


369 words - 2 pages Free Walter E. Williams Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Walter E. Williams has a B.A. degree in economics from California State University and M.A. and a Ph.D degree in economics from UCLA. He also has a Doctor of Humane Letters from Virginia Union University and Grove City College and a Doctor of Laws degree from Washington and Jefferson College. Since 1980 Williams has been employed as a professor at George Mason University in

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850 words - 4 pages -bits graphics initialized 01:08:19.143 --------------------------------------------------------------- 01:08:19.151 [64 fpsmon64.exe](HW) Initializing hardware information... 01:08:19.155 [64 chrome.exe] - Attached (10000), MedInt, WinVer: 10+ 01:08:19.478 [64 fpsmon64.exe](HW) Initializing hardware with flags: HWINFO_CFG_IME_DISABLE HWINFO_CFG_GPU_I2C_DISABLE 01:08:21.250 [64 taskhostw.exe] - Attached (1716), MedInt

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1662 words - 7 pages Procedure: 1. Obtain six presoaked dialysis tubes and place on table. 2. Obtain six 50 mL beakers and fill them ⅔ full of distilled water and mark each with a label of the concentration of solute the dialysis tubing will contain. 3. Take the dialysis tubing and tie one end on each of the tubes carefully. 4. Fill each tube with 20 mL of each of the following solutions: distilled water, 0.2 M sucrose, 0.4 M sucrose, 0.6 M sucrose, 0.8 M sucrose

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3680 words - 15 pages Free of lightweight paper honeycomb panels for the furniture. Retrieved from honeycomb furniture.pdf Bitzer, T. (1997). Honeycomb technology. (1 ed., p. 235). Great Britain: Combridge University Press. Retrieved from e_summary_r&cad=0 Galletti, G. G., Vinquist, C., & Es-said, O. S. (2007). Theoretical design and