"Skellig" Written By David Almond Paper

545 words - 3 pages

Paragraph 1
At the beginning of the book, Michael is unhappy because............
(explain several reasons - use more than one sentence.)
Michael shows these feelings when he says "........................"
(find a quote that proves what you have said. )

Paragraph 2
When Michael discovers Skellig at first it makes him feel...... (look at pages 6 and 7and explain, then find a quote.)
".............................." This shows that Michael's reaction to Skellig is............... because............ ...view middle of the document...

Paragraph 3
Soon Michael starts to help Skellig. (Explain some of the things he does. Look at pages 22-25) He does this because............ . It makes Michael feel......... and helps Michael too because......... ...view middle of the document...

Paragraph 4
Michael is very worried about the baby. You can tell this when he says (choos ...view middle of the document...

........." (Choose a quote that shows he's beginning to like and trust Mina - try pages 56-60) They begin to work together to help Skellig: (find at least 2 short quotes to prove this - see pages 66-69 - and explain how this makes them better friends. ) This makes Michael feel ............ because ...............

Paragraph 6
You can tell that their friendship is growing later on when ...... (Choose an example.) When they discover more about Skellig and see his wings, they react ....................................... After they argue, Mina and Michael quickly become friends again because...... (see p 89-93) Choose a quote from these pages that shows that they are now good friends and understand each other more because of Skellig. Write it out and explain it.

Paragraph 7
Skellig has also made a difference to the pictures Michael draws and the way he thinks:"......................" (Find a quote from page 106 to show this.) The pictures suggest that he feels............ (explain fully). This shows that Michael has changed..........................................

Paragraph 8
Near the end of the book, Mina and Michael go to see Skellig, but he has gone. Michael is especially worried because... When his mum talks to him about the baby, she tells him that she has seen Skellig too, although she says it was in a dream. (Find a quote from her description and explain it p124-125.) This makes Michael feel ............ because .........

Paragraph 8
When Mina and Michael try to decide what Skellig is, Mina says " We have to allow ourselves to see what there is to see, and we have to imagine." Skellig has helped them to realise ............ .................. (explain as much as you can) Skellig himself says that he is "Something like you, something like a beast, something like a bird, something like an angel". I think ............ (Now finally explain what you think is most important about Skellig and what he makes you think about.)


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