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Merriam-Webster dictionary states that, "A slave is someone who is legally owned by another person and is forced to work for that person without pay." Commonly it is thought that your typical slave was an African American. Africans were portrayed as primitive and uncivilized, yet they were actually just the opposite.Reasons Africans tended to be chosen is that they were more easily brought from traders on the West African Coast and were more immune to diseases than imported white slaves. Yet, additional factors include that they were better laborers because they came from a civil society and were often craftsmen. Alan Brinkley states, "By the late seventeenth century, the indentured servant population had become one of the largest elements of the colonial population...""As early as 1502, therefore, European settlers began importing slaves from Africa," Brinkley informs. He then proceeds to inform us, "The African slave trade long preceded European settlement in the New World. As early as the as the eighth century, west Africans began selling small numbers of slaves to traders from the Mediterranean and later to the Portuguese."Slaves benefited the Americans in many more ways than one. The most evident benefit is the manual labor slaves took on, yet slaves had more qualities. For instance, Africans were habitual to the hot, humid atmosphere and were resistant to malaria. This helped when slaves were asked to perform rice cultivation, because it was such an unhealthy and difficult task that the white laborers refused to perform it.In conclusion, African slaves were easier to buy and sell, immune to diseases, adapted to the climate easier, and were beneficial in more ways than one. Slaves were thought be African Americans, but lower class whites could serve as well. Slavery is a part of American history and is still a sensitive issue today.


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767 words - 4 pages organization can motivate an employee.Piece-Rate Pay - This plan compensate production workers by paying a fixed sum to total unit produced in a factory, the more they produces, the more they earn.Merit-Based Pay - Pay individual on their performance basis, the big performer get bigger raisesBonuses - Employee should be awarded with bonus of company is doing good and earning well.Skill-Based Pay - Pay an employee on number of skill based job he can do

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861 words - 4 pages SKILL OR ACTIVITY LESSON PLAN Name of Lesson: Tennis Lesson Concept: To learn and master the skills of tennis to transfer knowledge into a game. Grade Level: 10th P.A.S.S. Objectives addressed in the class: Put the number of the P.A.S.S skill under the standard in which it is included. Standard 1 Standard 2 Standard 3 Standard 4 1, 2, 3, 4 2, 5 1 2 Standard 5 Standard 6 Standard 7 1, 2, 3, 5 1, 3 1, 2, 4 Lesson Content: Warm-up


1261 words - 6 pages additional expenses and production down time. High volume and low variety and due to high standardization the flexibility is low. CHAPTER 6, P.202, PROBLEM 1 A) Beak-even demand = Total fixed costs of process / (Unit price – Variable cost per unit) = $300,000 / ($23-$8) = 20,000 units 10/3/2017 Assignment 1 4 B) If the fixed cost increases, the break-even point would be higher. You would need to sell more products to cover the additional fixed costs. C

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1376 words - 6 pages injuries from falls. It is mentioned that nurses are liable when a patient falls in the inpatient care unit. Dunton, N., Gajewski, B., Taunton, R., & Moore, J. Changes in health care financing, beginning in the 1980's, resulted in reduced nurse staffing and skill levels in acute care hospitals. Research has shown that reduced nurse staffing has endangered some aspects of patient safety. This study estimated the relationship between three aspects of

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2847 words - 12 pages unsure and undervalued. The unit manager makes it well known that he is the manager and has ultimate authority and decision-making power. Staff learn the hierarchy of the unit and hospital quickly and understand that titles are very important. Success is based more on the social aspects of the facility rather than on the skill it takes to perform a task. Management at both the divisional and senior leadership levels are reluctant to recognize

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896 words - 4 pages the story. Answer each of these questions with a complete sentence. Sample Question: What literary device is used when the narrator indicates that the branch was “wriggling like a small, frightened snake” (1)? 1. What skill has made the narrator’s father famous in their village? 2. The narrator’s father believes that “a man can get along without writing and arithmetic, but he can never get along without water” (1). What does this quote tell us

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1699 words - 7 pages career lets me express my traits, skills and interest. It adds value, a personal fulfillment and financial satisfaction. I am setting out to achieve my initial career goal, this fall semester I will be interning at a school as well as taking my final classes towards graduation, making progress toward achieving my educational and career goals. Bibliography 1. Dave Dillon (2014). Blueprint for Success in College and Career, Unit 7, Chapter 42

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4368 words - 18 pages Free staff development and so to quality of patient care.Taking in consideration the fact that the unit is small, the fact that there is one modern matron off side, a teaching sister in the unit, the good skill mix of staffing within the unit, the fact that the unit is now changing in to a fast-track unit, and finally that there is a nurse consultant within the trust for ITU who is currently working on policy development, as well as fact that financially

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714 words - 3 pages Becoming a Springbrook Blue Devils Cheerleader A varsity cheerleader must: 1. Complete all necessary paperwork on time. 2. Be academically eligible. 3. Must attend scheduled games and practices. 4. Be physically fit – you must have the ability to maintain a high level of endurance for an extended period of time. 5. Demonstrate ability to perform cheer skills such as motions, stunting, tumbling and some dance skill. 6. Display a positive attitude and

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1395 words - 6 pages 1.IntroductionRecruitment is the first part of the process of filling a vacancy. It includes the examination of the vacancy, the consideration of sources of suitable candidates, making contact with those candidates and attracting applications from them. It aimed at finding a pool of applicant with the abilities desired by the organization.Selection is the next stage, i.e. assessing the candidates by various means, and making a choice followed by

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3979 words - 16 pages Free 1 AP Microeconomics Vocabulary 2014 This is a list of every microeconomic term that must be known for the exam. 1. Microeconomics - The branch of economics that studies the economy of consumers or households or individual firms. 2. Macroeconomics - The branch of economics that studies the overall working of a national economy. 3. Scarcity - Scarcity is the fundamental economic problem of having seemingly unlimited human needs and wants, in a

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3128 words - 13 pages WGU C304 Task 1 There have been many nurses throughout history that have influenced the importance of nursing. These women helped to elevate the nursing profession and have developed theories and practices that help guide today's nurses. Virginia Anderson developed the Need for Nursing theory. She used her experience and education to develop this theory. The concept concentrates on the significance of boosting the independence of the

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4050 words - 17 pages are more interesting in a host country that has superior advantages of minimizing risks while operation (Jobber, 2001). Political, economic, social and technological situation of host country are profound affect MNEs' decisions. Those factors will be described respectively in follow.EconomyAs the global economy has slumped for many years and it affects the economic situation of Taiwan as well. Table 1 shows that economy of Taiwan was in the bottom

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5604 words - 23 pages the training Oct 2008 Internet Self 2.0: Self Assessment2.1 Self Employability Skills Template Singapore Employability Skills Workforce Development Agency, Singapore Government SKILL NO SKILL POOR PARTIALLY DEVELOPED BASIC COMPETENCE MODERATE COMPETENCE EXCELLENT 1 Workplace Literacy and Numeracy √ 2 Information and Communication Technology √ 3 Problem Solving and Decision

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2088 words - 9 pages Free software and applications Emerging Technologies Relevant to the Existing System Operating System Questions 1. What software does your current accounting system use for processing data? 2. Where does the IMS store its data? If it is not stored in the cloud, what are your companies privacy policies on storing customer data in the cloud? 3. What is the company’s budget for implementing a new IMS? This cost would also have to involve additional training