Social Benefits: Describe The Social Benefits Throughout The World And How They Have Changed Pelahatchie High , Sociology Research Paper

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Social Benefits
Being within specific social classes comes with benefits and disadvantages. Property, power, and prestige are the common factors that contribute to being categorized into certain classes. The biggest issue in social class is the lower class being treated unfairly. Many groups of people treat lower class citizens unequally, such as wealthy people, the criminal justice system, employment companies, and many more. Generational impacts, the criminal justice system, and higher incomes contributes to why the world is today.
Generations have a huge impact on racial controversies in the modern world. Even though people in the United States have always had more freedom of speech, it has not been until these past fewer generations that the world has noticed how much the expression of freedom of speech has changed over time. Saying this, people have stood up more about racism within these past few years than they have when integration was the controversial issue. In the textbook it exclaims, “The higher that people are on the social class ladder, the more likely they are to vote for Republican.” Those who are within a higher social class are standing up about the racial issues because it is not as big of a penalty.
The criminal justice system is highly known for treating the lower class poorly. Higher class people usually escape penalties and record damaging problems simply because they can buy their way out of it. Due to their...

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