Social Biography Sociology Primary And Secondary Factors Uni, Sociology Essay Assignment

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SOCS 100: Introduction to Sociology
Assignment 1: Critical Analysis (Social Biography)
Rupa Pun (S00263292)
Tutor: Ms. Nicole Stirling
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Date: 22 March 2019
Social Biography
This social biography is about John, the youngest son in a family of seven. The report will provide a glimpse of how he has learned to adapt and function in society through socialisation in which John’s beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviour is influenced. Socialisation begins in the family, which is an agent of primary socialisation. Furze et al. (2012) defines it as the "process of acquiring the basic skills needed to function in society during childhood” (p. 83).
John grew up in a nuclear family which includes his mother, father, two older brothers and an older sister. What was unconventional about his family is that both of his parents worked. His mother worked from home while his father had a regular job and was "rarely home". He expressed that he has good relationships with all his family members as can count on them as his "support system". John felt that his mother was his main support system, despite juggling with work and house chores. The consistent face-to-face contact with John probably gave her the opportunity to care and provide him with immediate attention that he needed for his primary socialisation. He formed a positive attitude on family at an early age. Not only did his family members gave him emotional support which is crucial for his development, but it also gave him an environment to discern what is right and wrong.
When he was much younger, his parents were stricter and instilled extra-disciplinary rules on him. This was because he was a “difficult, very mischievous and a bit crazy” child. He was overly energetic and could not stay still. He used to be punished by a wooden spoon or have “timeout” session when he interrupted a conversation and eventually learned not to "shout" at his mother. In some ways, his mother taught him to be a "gentleman" so that he could listen to others. He was taught to give respect to seniors, teachers and people in a leadership position. John’ parents put in the effort to discipline him so he learned from his mistake and can now stay calm and collective.
He would describe his parents’ disciplinary style as pretty lenient and since his father was rarely home, John did not get to hear a lot from his father. Hence, he was more influenced by his mother. His mother would encourage him to be ambitious, to chase after his dreams and to execute it. She pushed him to grab every opportunity he could find. Therefore, he grew up with that mindset and had the possibility to explore what he desired. According to the functionalist theory, John's family would be viewed as a well-functioned group that maintains and contributes to social stability in society (Carl & Baker, 2012, p. 15). If his parents had failed to teach him decent discipline, the consequence would have created instability in society.
Next, it seemed t...


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