Social Injustice, Anti Oppression And Oppression Affecting Older Citizens St.Clair College Assignment

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Social Justice Assignment
Social Justice Assignment
Mahekdeep Kaur
SSW 103 (002)
Professor Christine Ahern
October 3, 2018
Social justice is a concept based on uniformity in which everyone should have equal distribution of wealth, rights, opportunities and privileges in a society. It is very important to have social justice in a society to promote growth and social wellbeing. It is the approach and its actions are meant to be fair and equally positive for all people without violating other’s rights and opportunities. Social service workers play a vital role in promoting diversity, welfare and ensure equality among people. Social workers should address the problems accurately with possible measures to prevent or overcome the barriers experienced by older adults. They must ensure that seniors also need to be treated as required and their needs should be recognized. When it comes to Gerontological social work it is the responsibility of social workers that all individuals get adequate physical, mental and passionate consideration that they deserve without any discrimination based on age, sexuality, race etc.
There are many social justice issues faced by older adults in Canada, one of them is elderly abuse and mistreatment which is a big hidden social issue in society. Most of the seniors are abused by their own children and family members. When older people become physically weak or disable they get dependent on others for care, but when their family and caregivers fail to support them financially and physically they start to abuse them in every possible way. Elder abuse covers an entire scope of practises from terrible comments to controlling one’s day to day life which can lead to serious physical and mental issues. I can think of one example of my neighbour’s house where an older couple lives with their children and they got beaten up every day just because they don’t have money to give to their children. Upon asking they refused to accept that their children are doing wrong and they think that it’s their fault that they can’t help their children financially so their reaction is valid towards them. Because they were worried about their accommodation that if they go against their children they would definitely kick us out from their home. As a result they decided to remain quiet and accept to bear that pain and
abuse which effected them mentally and physically. Older adults are meant to be mentally sick by our society in case if they raise their voice against any kind of abuse they won't’ be believed. I think majority of the cases are unaddressed because older people are unable to report due to mobility issues, lack of resources and social workers. It's important to get this issue into consideration to keep them safe and secure so that they could live freely and quality life with proper care and respect from society. Social workers must provide required awareness and assistance to older people so that they don’t have to face t...


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