Social Justice Using Three Stories Engl0111 Essay

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Social justice
Social justice is a concept of fair and equal rights between the individuals and society. There are three stories as an example for the social justice issue. The first story is “A Worn Path(144-51)” written by Eudora Welty second is “The Lesson(274-81)” written by Toni Cade Bambara and the third story is “Cathedral” written by Raymond Carver. In the story “A Worn Path” an elderly woman named phoenix goes for a journey to a clinic to get the medicine for her grandson. She walks all the way to the clinic through the forest to get the medicine for her grandson. She face many individuals which are not nice to her. In the story “The Lesson” it describes about a young girl named Sylvia. She is very narrow minded girl. She was very close with her cousin Sugar. One day, her neighbor named Miss Moore took Sylvia and the other kids at F.A.O Schwarz toy Store teach her a lesson. In the story “Cathedral” it is described about a disable man named Robert. Robert is a blind man. The attitude of the narrators toward the blind man is negative. The blind man was friend of the narrator’s wife. The narrator is not happy...


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1240 words - 5 pages for RJ to take place, providing the requirements are met by all parties (Hoyle, 2016). This essay will evaluate the implementation of RJ in the CJS focusing on the UK justice system, concerning whether or not RJ has re-centred the CJS around the victim, evaluating evidence from sources RJ is a term used to describe a set of values and principles, these values and principles are used to repair the harm caused because of an offense. The

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2629 words - 11 pages the world and narrative imagination. By using these capabilities we are able to bring change to the education system. To understand how the link between the concepts make sense of the educational context we have to understand J. Rawls (1993:291) “principles of justice” in which he says that everyone deserves equal rights to a fully adequate scheme but in order for satisfy the social and economic inequalities everyone should have a fair and equal

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786 words - 4 pages makes it clear that a major weakness in the democratic government is that its power comes from the majority because they are the strongest, not because they hold the most legitimate viewpoint. Both essays argue for justice in an unjust world using emotional and logical persuasive techniques. Given a choice, King's essay is much more effective because his goals are more practical and conceivable.The emotional appeal, or pathos, is one of the more