Social Media Is Making Unrealistic Expectations For Women English Assignment

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Final Writing Piece Unit 2: Activity 4
Final Writing Piece
1. Choose one of the written texts you composed in this unit to revise to demonstrate
your understanding of the conventions emphasized in this activity. If you’re not sure
what you could revise in your writing, use success criteria for this task as a starting
place and the feedback from your teacher; you might also consider asking him or
her for suggestions. Remember, your use of conventions should help make your
writing clearer and add emphasis to important ideas.
2. Review other elements of effective writing you’ve studied in this unit: ideas,
organization, tone, and sentence fluency. Consider revisions you could make in any
of these areas to make your writing more effective.
3. Add presentation elements to your writing to emphasize key ideas and add clarity to
your writing.
4. Before submitting your revised written text, consult the checklist below to ensure
you’ve met the criteria for this assignment.
Today has an evolving society, there is no denying that pop culture, media and entertainment has
a significant influence on us. You can’t go anywhere without seeing it. You turn on the
television, and some company is marketing a new brand of clothing that is, of course, The new
best thing.”Magazines have photoshopped images every other page with a...

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