Social, Political, And Economic Canadian Events Of WW2 - Social Studies 10 - Assignment

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WWII Notes: Social, Political, 
➢ Canada exercised 
their independence 
by declaring war as 
an individual 
country, not with 
➢ Canada was 
recognized for its 
troops’ great 
contributions and 
its contributions 
from home: the 
BCATP, supplies 
and exports 
➢ Back at home, the 
civil rights cause 
improved because 
canada was more 
➢ French english 
relations were not 
torn like in ww1 
➢ Agencies such as 
the Wartime Prices 
and Trade Board 
and the National 
War Labour Board 
represented a 
massive growth in 
the federal 
➢ The government 
intervene in almost 
all aspects of 
canadian life to 
ensure the 
economy would run 
smoothly during 
➢ Canada supplied 
many resources and 
raw materials to the 
war and thus their 
economy boomed, 
despite their large, 
pre-existing debt 
➢ The large demand 
for a lot of supplies, 
and fast, resulted in 
many factories 
developed across 
➢ Many pre-existing 
industries and 
factories converted 
during wartime to 
be more useful to 
the demand 
➢ Because of this the 
agricultural sector 
was overtaken by 
the industrial and 
➢ 42,000 killed, 
54,000 injured 
effects society 
➢ Canada’s troops 
were composed of 
black and aboriginal 
➢ This made canada 
more tolerant, 
accepting displaced 
and European 
➢ Women gained 
recognition because 
roughly 50,000 
went to war, while 
others worked and 
kept the economy 
➢ Because of this and 
the many war 
brides, canada 
experienced the 
“baby boom” 
sectors in Canada. 
Chapter 5 Notes 
Causes of WW2 
1. THE RISE OF TOTALITARIANISM:​ the economic crisis of the 1930s  
led to social and political upheaval around the world which brought about many 
powerful dictators and totalitarian leaders. 
a. STALIN’S SOVIET UNION:​ First he seized all privately owned land, then 
started industrial projects like steel mines and roads and railroads, then 
implemented strict censorship and travel regulations on everyone and 
controlled the media. The secret police began to arrest or eliminate 
everyone deemed to be against the government 
b. MUSSOLINI’S ITALY:​ He established a fascist government and changed 
Italy’s democratic government. Mussolini brought all communications, 
industry, agriculture, and labor under fascist rule and turned Italy into a 
totalitarian state. 
c. FASCIST GERMANY:​ Once in power, Hitler ruled Germany through fear 
and intimidation. He banned all political parties except the Nazi’s, stopped 
reparation payments and rebuilt his army. Hitler saw all Jews, Gypsies, 
Slavs, homosexuals, people with mental or physical disabilities as a stain 
on the “master race” and set up concentration camps to isolate them. 
2. HITLER’S IMPERIALISM:​ Hitler wanted to join together the “master race” and 
take back land he thou...

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