Social SOC307 Essay Assignment 1 - LIT - Essay

750 words - 3 pages

Test #2
Essay Portion
(30 points)
Open Monday 04/30 at 8:00 AM
Due Wednesday 05/02 at 11:59 PM
Essay topic
In light of what we have covered in the lectures and the readings from Week 7
to the end of the course, write first about environmental pollution and
disasters (hint: think about inequalities between people in their ability to
protect their well-being such as health, housing, food). Then, present some of
the reactions from communities (hint: think about the differences between
North and South) impacted by environmental issues. Finally, reflect on how
modern society patterns of production and consumption affect the planet.
Organize your essay around precise arguments and examples from the
readings and the lecture notes.
Essay guidelines
Remember that this is a sociology essay – not a personal
statement or pamphlet — so you need to bring up specific
points and illustrate them with material.
A good essay should focus on the following three points:
Organization: includes the overall and sentence structure, the
paragraphs and the transitions. Ideally, one paragraph will have one
statement and one example associated. A strong essay will have a logical
progression of details and a clear structure. I’m expected at least two
paragraphs, but three or more are generally good too.
Content: lies in the knowledge communicated. In a strong essay, the
topic is well-developed and include appropriate details and examples to
support a statement. I am NOT asking you to express your personal feelings
on a topic but to provide examples from the readings assigned or any
personal readings related to the material.
Writing: includes the syntax, the vocabulary and the grammar. I am
not expecting you to write without mistakes but I am asking you to make as
much effort as possible for your writing to be understandable.
Your paper should be about 2 pages long (no more than that!!!), use Times
New Roman 12, single-space.
Specific tips to follow
• The most important is to adopt a sociological posture. Don’t use your
personal experiences and feelings to prove an argument, use the material
you were provided in class or any other material that you know of AND
relate a personal judgment to a broader concept. For example, “you like
spending time w...

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