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Pre-World War 1
In the period from 1867-1913 known as Pre World War 1 was a time of national development. The increase of technology promoted economic and political forces. Atlantic fishing for example has been changed in many ways by the introduction of the longline. Refrigeration changed the fish market in ways unimaginable and at the same time, on the pacific coast, gillnetting large numbers of salmon which resulted in mechanizing butchering and canning facilities into a finished exportable product.
The growth of population in Canadian cities made it obvious that a form of public transportation was needed. At first, there were horse drawn omnibuses followed by horse drawn street cars. Later, the first Canadian cities to have electric street cars were Windsor and St. Catherines making them one of the first North American cities to adopt this new form of public transportation.
Communications rapidly improved with the electric telegraph. Then, in the 1870s, the telephone began to appear invented by Alexander Graham Bell. First ever telephone exchange was in 1978 and it had 40 telephones by the end of the year. However, the first exchange without the aid of an operator took place in Whitehorse in 1901.
World War 1
Canadas involvement in World War 1 is relative to the Canadian troops on the western front such as military development and warfare. For example, during World War 1, British troops were equipped with the amazing Lee Enfield rifles where the Canadians had the poorly made Ross Rifles. Although it was a decent weapon with accuracy, it just was not made for fighting in the trenches where its prone to jamming. This weapon caused intense controversy as many soldiers simply lost interest in it. Sam Hughes, however, minister of militia and defence defended the rifle but the British general headquarters ordered it to be withdrawn from the first Canadian division on June 1, 1915.
Evolving warfare greatly changed the outcome of World War 1. In 1916, creeping barrages protected infantry while advancing across No Mans land. Canadian artillery were operated by British doctrine. Also, Canadian gunners were determined to practice techniques of warfare invented by the British. Canadian lieutenant colonel, Andrew Mcnaughton introduced ‘’Scientific Gunnery’’ which were principles used to improve artillery support. It had ideas of flash spotting and sound ranging which were used to locate the enemy’s firing locations.
After World War 1, many Canadians were eager to enjoy life in the 1920s and a number of inventions were added to this excitement. For example, the Hudson Bay Railway was introduced in 1929. The purpose of this was to open another saltwater port at Churchill, Manitoba which resulted in having access to prairie grain.
In 1920, an agency of the federal government named the Associate Air Research Committee was formed to provide research aeronautics in Canada. Years later, W.R Turnbell developed the electrical operating varia...


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