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Society & Social Status Essay

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In society today ones social status has a lot to do with the punishments of their behavior. Many people break the law knowingly expecting a less harsh punishment due to their high status. I believe that everyone should be treated equally no matter how high they stand on the social class ladder, and should not receive any more privileges than others when committing illegal acts.Many instances in our government have led me to believe that our country is very lineate on more recognized people. Many media stories have made it public to this unfair treatment. In Connecticut Governor Rolland was accused of taking money for agreements on many town issues. Money laundry is a serious offense, especially when he was taking in thousands of dollars and real estate property without others knowing. When he was caught and proven guilty he only was forced to resign from his state of office, ...view middle of the document...

Celebrities that are acknowledged for their drug use normally just go to rehabilitation, instead of getting arrested for their illegal actions. If a celebrity is caught under possession and is arrested he or she is simply let off by paying a heavy fine instead of doing jail time. Society almost looks up to these people for their entertainment and feels it is wrong to lock them up for such a minor illegal act.Society also puts a lot of responsibility on the media for actions of others. During the Oklahoma City shooting they looked for every other reason besides the kids to blame their actions. The court systems looked at their backgrounds based on even what kind of music they listened to, and blamed Marilyn Manson for their acts. They even tried to stop music such as his to be played on the radio, saying it teaches kids to do inhumane acts towards others. The courts also put most of the blame on their parents, accusing them of raising their children incorrectly and bringing them up wrong. The parents should have no relationship in the blame of the shooting, considering it was the children who did the violent acts, not the parents. Media and your surroundings do have an effect on the way you are brought up, but should not be put at blame for one's actions in society.Many highly known people do not realize the special treatment they receive when getting caught in unlawful acts. They live their lives on Pedi stools assuming that they can not receive any severe punishments for breaking the law. Society is being created into a world where one does not have to feel responsible for their actions, which only leads to more illegal actions being committed and taking not seriously. I believe that no matter what your standing is in society you should have to receive the same punishments as any one else, whether it be jail time or rehabilitation. Society needs to stop playing favorites on people and start taking more sever actions because if this keeps up, more people are going to be committing more illegal acts and feeling no remorse or learning any lessons.

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