Society & Social Status Essay

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In society today ones social status has a lot to do with the punishments of their behavior. Many people break the law knowingly expecting a less harsh punishment due to their high status. I believe that everyone should be treated equally no matter how high they stand on the social class ladder, and should not receive any more privileges than others when committing illegal acts.Many instances in our government have led me to believe that our country is very lineate on more recognized people. Many media stories have made it public to this unfair treatment. In Connecticut Governor Rolland was accused of taking money for agreements on many town issues. Money laundry is a serious offense, especially when he was taking in thousands of dollars and real estate property without others knowing. When he was caught and proven guilty he only was forced to resign from his state of offi ...view middle of the document...

Celebrities that are acknowledged for their drug use normally just go to rehabilitation, instead of getting arrested for their illegal actions. If a celebrity is caught under possession and is arrested he or she is simply let off by paying a heavy fine instead of doing jail time. Society almost looks up to these people for their entertainment and feels it is wrong to lock them up for such a minor illegal act.Society also puts a lot of responsibility on the media for actions of others. During the Oklahoma City shooting they looked for every other reason besides the kids to blame their actions. The court systems looked at their backgrounds based on even what kind of music they listened to, and blamed Marilyn Manson for their acts. They even tried to stop music such as his to be played on the radio, saying it teaches kids to do inhumane acts towards others. The courts also put most of the blame on their parents, accusing them of raising their children incorrectly and bringing them up wrong. The parents should have no relationship in the blame of the shooting, considering it was the children who did the violent acts, not the parents. Media and your surroundings do have an effect on the way you are brought up, but should not be put at blame for one's actions in society.Many highly known people do not realize the special treatment they receive when getting caught in unlawful acts. They live their lives on Pedi stools assuming that they can not receive any severe punishments for breaking the law. Society is being created into a world where one does not have to feel responsible for their actions, which only leads to more illegal actions being committed and taking not seriously. I believe that no matter what your standing is in society you should have to receive the same punishments as any one else, whether it be jail time or rehabilitation. Society needs to stop playing favorites on people and start taking more sever actions because if this keeps up, more people are going to be committing more illegal acts and feeling no remorse or learning any lessons.


The Effect Of Islam On The Social Status Of Women

1048 words - 5 pages The Effect of Islam on the Social Status of Women At the introduction of Islam the social status of women was deprived at best. Before Muhammad, women were property and were treated accordingly. The introduction of Islam by Muhammad had a dramatic effect on the improvement of the status of women and their rights as people. The condition of women has progressed, at much the same rate as the rest of advanced society, since the conversion to Islam

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3168 words - 13 pages , plot, relationship to society) will be further cited to support the following arguments.Status quo: Reinforce or challenge?To examine the 'status quo', it is important to look at the key happenings in American history back in the 1960s and 1970s which is prior to the film release in 1982.In the 1960s and the early 1970s, protest and reform was very common in American society. The younger American citizens demonstrated against the Vietnam War which

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1190 words - 5 pages Dylan Fisher Dr. Mace Writing Communications November 20, 2017 Guns Complicated Legal Status in Modern America There is perhaps no bigger issue in the United States today than that of the legality of firearms. Firearms have been in our society since its infancy, and they aren't going anywhere. Ever since the founding fathers drafted the constitution, they put emphasis on the ability for the American population to own guns. In recent times guns

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446 words - 2 pages Inequalities in health care and health statusInequalities in health care have resulted in disparities in health status. The impact is particularly evident amongst social class V who suffer from lower life expectancies (Townsend: 1992).There is consistent evidence that those in social class V are more likely to be exposed to multiple, environmental risks that portend adverse health consequences. They are more likely to encounter pollution, noise

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723 words - 3 pages Free On the Road to Emmaus 13 Now that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles[a] from Jerusalem. 14 They were talking with each other about everything that had happened. 15 As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; 16 but they were kept from recognizing him. 17 He asked them, “What are you discussing together as you walk along?” They stood still

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663 words - 3 pages In every culture, the beliefs of the people greatly affect every aspect of their lives. During the early Islamic period, their strict beliefs and teachings affected the lifestyle of the Muslims. Three of which are; Islamic art, the status of Muslim women, and the language. Muslims lived simple and pure lives, this surely did reflect upon those factors. In the present many ideas have have, but the core of their beliefs have remained the same.The

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1512 words - 7 pages appropriate in measuring women's status and decision making power further, the actual method of calculating such factors have to be looked upon with greater scrutiny. Primarily the Gender development index as we said measures life expectancy, educational attainment and income levels. Certain allowance is made for women's biological edge in calculating life expectancy. This index uses two measures to measure educational attainment: Literacy rate

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2386 words - 10 pages how it can affect segregation in society, for instance, these theorists wrote about such subject matters like class, work exploitation and economic inequality. In this essay, these two theorists will be compared to explain how one aspect of social inequality is how much prestige, or status, an individual has and how this leads to segregation in society. Concrete patterns of inequality in terms of health and social relationships will then be

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1264 words - 6 pages A functionalist view of stratification views stratification as necessary for a society to function efficiently which enables it to reach its full potential economically and socially. Functionalists view society as a set of interconnected parts which work together to form a whole. (Haralambos et al 1996) Institutions are part of the social system they are a prime contributor to the maintenance of a society. The functionalist view has been

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688 words - 3 pages American society due to them having a society based on social class. The importance of social status is present when viewing the struggles of Daisy and Gatsby’s relationship. As the reader could see, the main thing keeping them apart was their social class based on their wealth. Daisy couldn’t marry Gatsby because he had no money and she did. This isn’t generally found in current society due to the prevalent idea of freedom and equality. Yet, if

Dowry System

574 words - 3 pages EVILS OF DOWRY SYSTEM EVILS OF DOWRY SYSTEM The dowry system in present form has reduced a bride groom to the status of a saleable commodity. The best boy is auctioned to the highest bidder in the marriage-market. The advertisement in the matrimonial columns read like tenders. It has vitiated the whole atmosphere of our society. The mercenary parents consider their marriageable sons as blank cheques who can fetch any amount

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625 words - 3 pages another character that is indicative of the lack of morals and ethics of the larger elite society of the Gilded Age. Mrs. Trenor, a friend of Bertha, recognizes her as a destructive individual yet remains befriended to her because Mrs. Trenor believes that “[i]t’s much safer to be fond of dangerous people.” The use of characters such as Gus Trenor and Bertha Dorset in the novel and the roles that they play demonstrate how life in the higher social

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892 words - 4 pages How does class influence identity in contemporary society?The class structure involves some degree of shaping our identities. Income and paid work are important sources of individual and collective identity. Social class is a means of classifying the economic and social divisions of a society, which involve some degree of inequality. For example classifying some people as ‘poor’, ‘working class’ or ‘middle class’

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925 words - 4 pages on the roles deemed accurately for men and women. In "A Rose for Emily," we see the effects of socially given gender roles for a women along with the same social perception upon the male adult in the poem "My Papa's Waltz."Both show images of gender roles in their respective ways.For many generations status has been the envy and the demise of many people. William Faulkner intriguingly depicts status, society, and the role of women in his short

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1233 words - 5 pages needed to be a new discipline for studying human relationships and we need social sciences in order to study the way in which we are all shaped by society. He was influenced by Spencer through his analogy that society was like an organism although felt Spencer was wrong to think society with complex division of labour would hold together just because of everyones self interest. Worries arose from this as Durkheim believed society was held together