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Media and culture assignment 2
(2) Explore in which ways violence, as represented in popular culture.......
Violence/ slasher films
This assignment will cover the parts of the violence and what they represent in the popular cultures and what their gender, class and their ethnicity is about. The modern world is different to how the world used to be before, violence is more common these days, it could be because of how people are living, the different societies, class, gender, not having education and it could be because their ethnicity clashed against the others around them. Furthermore, not necessarily people are living poorly, they could be living in high standard place and there could be violence.
Furthermore, violence is part of every social media, such as on internet, computer, on TV, news, especially films, are now a part of popular culture. Violence is being exposed to more people in different ways. Furthermore, media is being criticised for increasing the chances of crimes and violence in society.
On, an Introduction to Sociology, Browne. K, Polity Press (2011) states "an example of this is when 2 years old child James Bulger was murdered by two teenage boys aged 11, the judge in this case has stated that the exposure for this part of violence in the society maybe a part in the films". This shows how world around young children can bring a lot of ideas to pass their time, in this case two young boys killing a two years old boy, this shows that they have been badly affected by the influential of the media and films that contains violence, maybe because they wanted to pass their times. On an Introduction to Sociology, Browne. K, Polity Press (2011) states" films maybe an exposure to violent and this may be in part of an explanation assertion, for example the Bulger murder, and media violence makes the real-life violence".
Gender is analysed as an identity for a category and as an analytics logic, foundational to our understanding and the world. In a similar way, violence is seen as an integral part of way of feeling of being in the world. The link between gender and violence, is observed in their own function as practices of power that makes the experiences. According to the National Violence Against Women Survey (1998), 15% of women will be the victim of rape and 2.1% of men.
Violence affects all individuals in all social classes, racial and ethics groups, there is nothing that is protected because of class or race. Analyses of large, national surveys, show that large number of women that are living in a house which receive the lowest incomes, are five times more likely to have experienced violence in their lives, than women who receive the highest income and are living in household. On Mystery, Violence and Popular Culture, G. Cawelti. J, Library of Congress Cataloguing (2004) states " on an article from Sunday magazines of louisville courier journal (1988) says that 'fatal' television, the subheading has the researchers wondering...


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