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This project will provide an overview of theories that attempt to explain what for the documented difference on educational achievement and attainment among races and ethnicities. Also, it will address the good sense of the future of educational inequality in the United States. Asians are more likely to progress in each levels of education in comparison to other races. Data will be provided to represent that research is accurate. Order and conflict theory will explain the finding. A realistic appraisal of successes and failures in reducing inequality by race and socio-economic background is a good first step.
Education is a gateway for opportunity, a pathway to progress through which young people acquire the skills, knowledge and experiences to obtain good jobs and prosperous future. Yet in the United States, education is highly unequal. To address these inequalities, we need research that identifies effective responses to the challenges that give rise to unequal opportunities and outcomes. Meanwhile, research on racial, ethnic and immigrant variation in educational achievement and attainment is also very important to address the probability of school progression.
Title: Educational Attainment and Educational Inequalities
By: Priya Subba
Literature Review
In the article of Kao’s and Thompson’s, ‘Racial and Ethnic Stratification in Educational Achievement and Attainment’, the main rationale is parental socioeconomic background has a profound influence on educational achievement and attainment. This article used key theoretical framework to explain racial and ethnic differences. In addition, the article did analysis on group differences in grades, test scores, educational Aspirations, course taking and tracking, in high school competition, transition to college and college completion including review on common themes and prominent theories that are used to account for these differences. Asians have highest rate of progressing in achieving education.
Similarly, in Gamoran’s article, ‘American schooling and educational inequality: A forecast for the 21st century’, writer offered predictions for educational inequality in the 21st century on the basis racial and socio-economic differences in past trends. This article basically reflects future of American education on the basis of assumption. The article is based on predictions only, it may not be correct. The article did analysis on race and education in America, reasons for racial inequality, socio-economic inequality and its sources, and future inequality under system change. Efforts to reduce gaps in educational outcomes that have been successful in targeted cases will need to be implemented and examined in larger efforts.
The results from the...

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