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How dose the story reflect Hemingway's writing style? Give details and examples.Colloquialism, economy, simple, and using very few adjectives and connectives are the writing styles of Hemingway. He insisted that the most powerful effect of words comes from restraint and understatement. And the most famous writing theory of him is called "Iceberg Theory". "Iceberg Theory" demonstrates that only one eighth of the iceberg is above the water-- the literal meanings and the most valuable part is the seven eighth left-the part below, the inner meanings.Soldier's Home is a good example of Hemingway's writing style, some details and examples as follows are listed to demonstrate his writing ...view middle of the document...

4、Dialogues between Krebs and his mother, Krebs said he didn't in god's kingdom. The understatement of the sentence is "I don't believe in god any more." It means that the spirit of Krebs is completely collapse. Because in western culture, the religious belief is the mainstay of people's spirit. "I'm not in his kingdom" seems to be the complain about his life, but as a mater of fact, this simple sentence has already fully conveyed his spiritual conditions. And this is a very good example of Hemingway's "Iceberg Theory".think of Krebs as a Vietnam vet (he was really a WWI vet but its almost the same concept). Keep in mind that Ernest Hemingway was also a WWI veteran so Krebs is really a self-portrait in some ways.Going to war, and seeing people die is a shocking thing. Krebs must have seen some really freaky **** while over there in Europe and it changed him as an individual.Krebs comes back from Europe and just wonders how "life can go on" the way it does. How can people go to parks and play when things as murderous as war can go on thousands of miles away? Imagine it as if Krebs never actually came back from WWI. His body came back but not his mind. Even at the end of the story where Krebs says to the reader that he will go and watch his little sister play and throw on a smile for her sake -- you get the impression that Krebs is still lost back in Europe but at least his body will pretend to play along with this almost sort of "make believe world" which never saw the horrors of WWI.EDIT: I should add more clarification. Vietnam was around 1960 and yes this story was of the time around the 1910 time period. I only mentioned Vietnam because I felt it would be a more modern example of what Krebs went through. The generation of people who went to go fight in WWI were called "The Lost Generation" because as I described in the above paragraphs, these guys saw some really horrible stuff and it changed them and made them feel distant from "normal" society. The term "The Lost Generation" wasn't something they picked out for themselves, it was an observation of the returning soldiers as a whole by American society.American society tells these men to go out and fight. Then it tells them to come back and pretend as if the war never took place. Many people have trouble with the former, and the overwhelming majority of them had trouble with the latter. To many in the United States (unless you were someone who's loved one did not return from the war), WWI wasn't considered to be that bad of a war and this was because of a well made propaganda campaign by the U.S. government and also with some major manipulations from the British government (the Brits cut all trans-Atlantic cables to the U.S. except for their own cables which meant that all news going to the U.S. about the war had a HUGE pro-British bias).These people were expected to "just get over it" almost as if they'd been over in Europe picking lollipops from trees like Willy Wonka and the...

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