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Since I got my internet privileges last 3 month, I had learn and encounter many weird and wonderful things. I have met the ugly side of internet and learnt something called 'if you overspend your time limit, the phone bill gonna be very ugly.'Perhaps the most interesting moment I encounter in the internet is when I discover homepage making. I made a homepage from learning HTML language from a web site. I want my homepage to be bold and simple but most of all animation-free. As a surfer myself, I know how it feels when entering a homepage that is full with high resolution graphic and animation. ...view middle of the document...

While the only people who visited my homepage was myself, but instead the counter number show 101.MIRC The SolutionWhen my PC suffered a data crash, I lost all my data. I lost all my e-mail address and most importantly my browser.The computer technician managed to repair my PC but he gave me an old version of Netscape.I have trouble using it in Win'95.So I downloaded the later version of Netscape.The downloading seize when it reaches 52%. I had to reload if I were to use Netscape.Instead I used MIRC to download the program because MIRC come with this neat feature that allow me to resume downloading where I left out. As a result, I get to continue my downloading at 17564 byte from a friend.I'm The Biggest LeechThe rule of warez is-to download you must upload. The warez people even wrote a scipt to ban people who didn't upload when they download. To upload any program of mine to anyone will take forever, all the file I have is at least 6 MB long. So what I did was gather all my saved file and compress it, it sum up to 1.5 MB long and named it I sent it to the warez people. I found out that if you send the same file for the second time, the script will recognize it as a diffrent file and immediately add credit to my downloading account. As a result I got 9MB of credit within minutes when actually I sent 1.5MB.


Job Analysis: assistant of Human resource manager, includes skills, duties, knowledge and ablities - MSU - Assignment

607 words - 3 pages , both written and orally in English, as to communicate with employees, members of the HR management team, and in group presentations and meetings. - Problem-solving skills: Being able to thinking and solving problem independently. - Computer skills: Being able to use Word and Excel in a Microsoft Windows environment. - Teamwork skills: Being able to work well with teammates and set the best possible example for fellow employees · Abilities I have

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1107 words - 5 pages over the years. In operating the company, I found that the main cashflow problem is that you believe that the company had not face any cash or financial problem in the past months, which means the company has expanded the office space and hired more employees to meet the demand. Hiring employees come with increase in expenses due to training and other related expenses, but you believe that you would not generate enough cash. Hence, cash management

Should Canadians sorry about net neutrality - english - essay

452 words - 2 pages the world wide web to over three billion people. Just over three hundred million of these people are North American and two hundred ninety million of those users are American. Since November fourteenth two thousand seventeen those 290 million users have been put at risk. At risk of losing their internet freedom. On that day the FCC voted on repealing net neutrality laws in America. This will allow companies like AT&T, Sprint, and Comcast to sow

Relevance of Critical Thinking in Academic Writing and Problem Solving - Holmesglen - Report

3578 words - 15 pages requires understanding and analysing of the situation in order to come up with a good solution. Critical thinking go hand in hand with problem solving skill. In order to come up with a solution to a problem, the person need to collect evidence and look at the problem at various perspective or other interpretations. (For example, two children are fighting over the same toy.) Chang and Kelly (1993) presents a simple and practical guide to make sure

Intergrate business perspective report - UTS - Report

3541 words - 15 pages ? You didn’t travel to these cities to see businessmen in their suits. Instead, it was the culture of the city that you wanted to witness. It is the culture of a city that is vital to its sustainability. We’d like to introduce you to an awesome app called GIGr, which will redefine the Australian live music scene. Introduction To The Problem The problem our business model will address is noise pollution caused by live music in urban areas within

Paper On The Four Functions Of Management

838 words - 4 pages problem solving in all the four disciplines.Reference:Bateman-Snell; Management Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World, English Edition; The McGraw Hill Company 2009

international business negotiation - university of northampton - negotiation

3854 words - 16 pages statement. “Negotiation is an instrumental process, for achieving the desired results in the company. It is therefore necessary for a company to adhere to the strict process and stages of negotiation” Negotiation is majorly a problem solving which is done jointly or by decision making process (Carroll,1988), which requires exploration and a flexible thought to discover creative solutions instantaneously. There are different studies carried out for

Time Value Problem Set and Answers - UMSL/Finance 6500 - Assignment

828 words - 4 pages accumulate ‘The Number.’ Assume you are going to earn an 8% annually compounded return on your investments (net of taxes, fees, etc.). Hint: you are solving for the required payments in a Future Value of an Ordinary Annuity problem, where the future value (FV) is ‘The Number,’ and the number of time periods is the number of years left until you retire. Note: as you can imagine, there are many more wrinkles one could throw in to this exercise – the impact

Careers In Management Information Sciences

1514 words - 7 pages boring aspects of computer science, however if one can advance through these positions to become lead game developers and architects I see that work as far more rewarding both creatively and economically.Entry Level Jobs: Graphic Artist This position requires not only artistic ability but the technical skills needed to create objects in a digital environment. One of the most attractive aspects of this job is the constant change of technology and the

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5749 words - 23 pages ) Purchase of supplies on account, $500. (5) Payment of cash dividends, $1,500. (6) Payment of cash to creditors, $5,300. (7) Recognition of cost of supplies used, $800. b. ($5,050) ($950 – $6,000) c. $1,450 ($30,700 – $29,250) d. $2,950 ($15,000 – $11,250 – $800) e. $1,450 ($2,950 – $1,500) Ex. 1–12 It would be incorrect to say that the business had incurred a net loss of $7,250. The excess of the dividends over the net income for the period is a

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1297 words - 6 pages /apps/doc/IQBUHE201042021/OVIC?u=viva2_nvcc&sid=OVIC&xid=39a12e7a.Originally published as "Net Neutrality Bad for Consumers," InsideSources, 2 June 2017. Accessed 29 July 2018. "Net Neutrality: Should the Government Mandate Net Neutrality?" Issues & Controversies,Infobase Learning, 16 Feb. 2018, Accessed 29 July 2018. Pearlstein, Steven. "Debate over 'net neutrality' is a lesson

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2820 words - 12 pages NPV calculation as early as possible. Donatella Taurasi (Fung Institute) Accounting and Finance for Engineers – Lecture Notes Spring 2019 17 / 21 Solving UPC’s Problem Exercise (UPC cont’d) The new machine: A state of the art machine would cost $350,000 today. The new machine would last 10 years at which time it could be sold for $30,000. With the new machine, sales would be $50,000 higher per year than with the current machine. Repairs would be

teaching strategies in a multicultural setting - unisa - assignment

1748 words - 7 pages to the learners. The educator must ensure the transfer of information to real life contexts. This could be done by giving the students homework. This strategy is effective, depending on the subject being taught. Problem Based Tasks and Projects When teaching is based on problem-based tasks and projects, a number of teaching strategies can be used such as inquiry learning, problem solving and various projects. The inquiry method is used to

Best Buy Vs. Radio Shack, Inventory Turnover Vs. Profitability

305 words - 2 pages Best Buy dominates the market with its size, strength and credibility. The rapid growth of Best Buy is another example of domination over its competition. Earnings per share is another great measure of a companies financial performance, and according to Best Buy achieved a growth of 2.54 over the past 12 months as opposed to Radio Shacks 0.98. Best Buy's net sales growth from 2002 to 2004 has increased by 30% as opposed to Radio Shack's 5.8%. Best Buy's net sales change over the same 2 year period was also greater (11%) than Radio Shack's (8.8%)

Equity, Cash Flow And Notes Analysis

2534 words - 11 pages company performed over the prior year, and can lead to ideas about how the company may perform in the next year. It allows a view of where the money came from, how it was used and where it may come from next year. In the two previous years Chico's relied on issuing common stock to raise about 10% of its cash Now that the company has no long term debt, and substantially more stores it will be interesting to see how much net income will be generated for 2004.