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Solving Problem Creatively Over The Net

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Since I got my internet privileges last 3 month, I had learn and encounter many weird and wonderful things. I have met the ugly side of internet and learnt something called 'if you overspend your time limit, the phone bill gonna be very ugly.'Perhaps the most interesting moment I encounter in the internet is when I discover homepage making. I made a homepage from learning HTML language from a web site. I want my homepage to be bold and simple but most of all animation-free. As a surfer myself, I know how it feels when entering a homepage that is full with high resolution graphic and animation. The ...view middle of the document...

While the only people who visited my homepage was myself, but instead the counter number show 101.MIRC The SolutionWhen my PC suffered a data crash, I lost all my data. I lost all my e-mail address and most importantly my browser.The computer technician managed to repair my PC but he gave me an old version of Netscape.I have trouble using it in Win'95.So I downloaded the later version of Netscape.The downloading seize when it reaches 52%. I had to reload if I were to use Netscape.Instead I used MIRC to download the program because MIRC come with this neat feature that allow me to resume downloading where I left out. As a result, I get to continue my downloading at 17564 byte from a friend.I'm The Biggest LeechThe rule of warez is-to download you must upload. The warez people even wrote a scipt to ban people who didn't upload when they download. To upload any program of mine to anyone will take forever, all the file I have is at least 6 MB long. So what I did was gather all my saved file and compress it, it sum up to 1.5 MB long and named it I sent it to the warez people. I found out that if you send the same file for the second time, the script will recognize it as a diffrent file and immediately add credit to my downloading account. As a result I got 9MB of credit within minutes when actually I sent 1.5MB.

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