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English 10
5 October 2018
Bunking School
Spending hours practising your parents' signature, perfecting your mother's/father's voice to fool the school secretary down the phone – these are the skills which take years to master. But nothing quite beats that fear when you think you've been nicked, or the euphoric relief when you realise "AHA!" I've tricked them all.
It was 10th of october last year.Me and my friends decided to bunk the school.We had planed a party at a friend’s place whose parents were out of town for some days.So, it was pre-planed bunk. We were thinking that how we can trick the attendance secretary, all of us discussing our ideas.One of my friends said How it will be if we call the school secretary and talk to her in parents voice and make it an excused absent.All of us agreed with him but there was a problem that how we can talk in our parent’s voice.If she catch us what will be the results.
So we started to think upon this and after two days we decided to skip the bunk.
One of my friend gave a suggestion that if we call by using handkerchief.
He gave a trial,he put a handkerchief on microphone of his phone and called one of us. His voice was like a mature person. We were surprised that was an amazing idea. So we started to practise with eachother.
So, the day we decided to bunk was near. We were afraid that if they catch us we can be suspended from school. At that day, ...


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