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Review Questions
1. Name two examples of capital crimes. Answer: Two examples of capital crimes are treason and death resulting from aircraft hijacking.
2. Name two examples of federal crimes. Answer: Two examples of federal crimes are mail fraud and hate crimes.
3. Explain the difference between jails and prisons. Answer: The difference between jails and prisons is the amount of time the inmates stay. Jails are usually run by local law enforcement and are designed to hold inmates serving a short sentence. Prisons on the other end are for more serious offences to the law and inmates there are kept for a longer period of time.
4. What is the difference between probation and parole? Answer: Probation occurs prior and is often used instead of jail or prison time. Prole is an early release from prison
5. What are the three factors judges consider when setting bail? Answer: Three factors that the judges look at are the defendants past criminal record and if they have outstanding warrant, the seriousness of the alleged crime and the defendants ties to the community.
Critical Thinking Questions
1. Do you agree that incarceration is a better method of correction than corporal punishment? Why or why not? Answer: Personally, I agree. However this could also depend on the level of the offence. Incarnation is definitely a punishm...


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1756 words - 8 pages THE BUSINESS REVIEW. If demands slows in Asda then it means that the business would need to look at just why that as happened. Instead they would first ask the buyers to assess their ranges and just at why they are not selling as well as they should be. For example with their customers they could be going elsewhere. With marketing data it would be able to show just where Asda is going wrong and where they are losing their customers to and for

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1595 words - 7 pages World War II. 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 Prohibition Act Women’s Rights Ponzi Schemes ` Birth Control League New President Great Gatsby was published 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 Babe Ruth Hits 60 homeruns New President Stock Market Crashes Smoot-Hawley tariff war worsening worldwide depression C 22 Reading Review 1. How did the Great Crash of 1929 reflect the typical dynamics of a speculative boom and bust cycle? The Great Crash of 1929

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3039 words - 13 pages Travel and Tourism -Final Exam Review 1. Be able to locate and label countries that we have learned about in this course, including ISU. Netherlands, France, United States, Italy, Greece, Jamaica, Cuba, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain. 2. Be able to identify different regions of the world. 3. Be able to identify various sites around the world and which country they are located in. Great Wall of China, (China) Christ the redeemer, (Rio de Janeiro

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561 words - 3 pages . At the end of each day, be sure to save your progress. Review Lesson 4 of the Course Overview for instructions about turning in your assignments. Assignment Questions In Section 1, you learned about economic principles. Now, you'll apply what you learned. 1. Choose a well-known company that you know of, and answer the following questions about it: - Apple Inc. a. Is this mainly a product-based or service-based business? (1.0 points) - Apple Inc

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1564 words - 7 pages assignment. At the end of each day, be sure to save your progress. Review Lesson 4 of the Course Overview for instructions about turning in your assignments. Assignment Questions 1. Describe two examples of important things that financial planning skills can help you do, and explain why these things are important to you personally. (4-6 sentences. 2.0 points) One example of an important thing that financial planning skills can help me do is create a

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972 words - 4 pages decrease your workload. Lazy reading will require constant, time consuming references back to the reading assignment for material missed the first time. Begin by reading the preface, introduction, and first and last chapters, then return to the other parts of the book. Skim a chapter for ideas and their relationships, organize your reading around questions raised by skimming, and read to answer those important questions. Take preliminary notes while

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466 words - 2 pages Math 30-2 Unit 5: Polynomial Functions Assessment for Learning Questions Unit 5 Lesson 1: Exploring the Graphs of Polynomial Functions -- (It is extremely important that you read the notes in lesson 1 to review concepts needed to work through these investigations) 1. Investigating the Graphs of Constant Functions Use technology to graph the constant functions below. Determine the following characteristics for each function and complete the

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444 words - 2 pages CHECKING FOR UNDERSTANDING MOD 2 00102-15_PPT3 Instructions: Review the Powerpoint Presentation and answers 25 mixed math questions and submit on the HUB before the end of the class. (Recheck all answers before submitting) 1. Ice cubes freezes at what temperature? 32 degrees 2. A 2-liter bottle of soda equals to what in gallons? 0.52 gallons 3. What unit of measure is ignored? 4. 1-foot equals to what in inches? 12 in 5. 1-meter equals to what

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569 words - 3 pages -Graded Assignment. Choosing a Topic Choose a topic from the ones listed in the table in the Literary Analysis Essay Notebook document. To begin analyzing the topic, fill in the information in the table as instructed on the notebook. Check your work using the online review checklist. Planning Write a thesis statement for your literary analysis essay. Find evidence in Paton’s novel to support your thesis. Map out a plan for the parts of the essay

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524 words - 3 pages use work from any other student. Otherwise, it is plagiarism. 2. Your 100-point grade for each D-group is based on your written responses (50 maximum pts.) AND oral participation (50 maximum pts.). See the guidelines in the syllabus. 3. Review the syllabus policy for absences. If the absence is “excused,” turn in your written work for a full grade. If it is “unexcused,” turn in your written work anyway, but you can only get a maximum of 50/100

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1080 words - 5 pages Wilbert 3 Online Education: Learning the Learners A young girl enters high school with high expectations. Due to her high map scores, she is placed in mostly honors classes. She is told that a majority of her homework will be done online, but she should not have more than two hours of homework a night. She enters her earth science class, excited to meet her teacher and classmates, just to be sat in a computer lab with twenty-five other students

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1081 words - 5 pages women perform in science and mathematics because it defines what role, duty or assignment is to be fulfilled by each (Marini, 2010). In Zittleman (2007) states “In elementary school, both male and females report that they like math and science, and their test scores are comparable. Yet by the 12th grade, females report less positive attitudes and consider math and science harder subjects than do boys” (pg. 77). According to West and Zimmerman

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1839 words - 8 pages response to each of these ten statements before submitting this assignment. 1. I have proofread my document, conducted a spelling and grammar check (in Microsoft Word, select the Review tab and then click on Spelling & Grammar), looked through to find any words or phrases underlined with squiggly lines, and have read it aloud. XYes No 2. To the best of my knowledge, what I have written in this assignment is clear, accurate, grammatically

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890 words - 4 pages Tiarra Rodrigues Chemical Engineering 11/1/2017—Wed (2:00-2:50) 1. Which of the following statements best describes "cognitive learning"? · It entails the acquisition of new knowledge and intellectual skills 2. In Bloom's Taxonomy, the highest level intellectual skill is: · Creating 3. Mr. C. M. Knaphle, Jr., of Philadelphia, was: · A coal salesman 4. Which statement are true about taking notes on a computer · Perfect legible notes · Keep notes

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1700 words - 7 pages . Deliverables Upon completion of this lab, you are required to provide the following deliverables to your instructor: 
 1. Lab #1 - Assessment Worksheet 
 (Place a copy into the D2L Assignment #1 Dropbox) Hands-On Steps 1. Review the Lab Assessment Worksheet. You will find answers to these questions as you 
proceed through the lab steps. 
 2. Review the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure (see Figure 1). 
Figure 1 Seven domains of a