Song Analysis Related To Post Civil War History After 1865 Essay

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Social Impact after the Civil War
Alexis Bibbee
Professor Timothy Pitts
We have conducted a series of investigation of what we already know about American society. They went through a series of political and social turmoil that ended up in a great Civil War.
The great divide amongst the stated of the North and the South, slavery, people fighting for their rights, and a president that believed in the abolition of a condition that greatly favored the south plantation owners.
One could believe that after the war was over, the unbalance would be settled, and after a short period of time, society would rearrange itself to accommodate everyone. We have found proof that the discomfort may have lasted longer than we believe. We have recently discovered what we think may be a song, created by two African American males. The lyrics or words, as we have yet to determine if it is in fact a song, may be a very sharp comment on the circumstances of unrest that the society suffered for a long period of time.
The title of the lyrics found is Pray For Me[footnoteRef:1]. For what we have recently found out, people in that time were very religious, and they found comfort of their struggles through prayer, but at times, people who had been involved in negative acts, such as theft, murder, and even war, considered themselves unworthy of forgiveness for their sins. The ones feeling guilt out of the outcomes and consequences of their actions, asked a third party, a kin, an affectionate partner or a close friend, to pray for them, so the deity would forgive the damage and save their souls from the heaviness of the guilt. [1:]
In the first paragraph, they mention that they are “ready for war again” and “ready to take a life again”. At this point, it is important to point out that African American people had suffered terribly due to slavery, but also they were an essential part of the war, as they served on both the Confederate and the Union armies, and for what we have learned of that time, they did not receive equal treatment or pay, even with the Union armies.
For what we have been able to establish, the racial division kept on going for centuries. But right after the war, many African Americans, even when they were freed, suffered extreme poverty and hunger, especially in the rural parts of the United States. In such conditions, elevated statistics of crime apparently became a normal response. This situation seems fitting with the last verses of the first paragraph as the man states that he is always ready to take on that life again, but he is again tortured by his consciousness as he is concerned about who will save him from himself and from this hell.
As previously stated, this man has all his faith placed in a single person, with whom he feels safe, might be his companion. But he also refers to another, it...


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