Sophistication And Civility - Just A Facade - 9th Grade English Essay - Essay On The Most Dangerous Game

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Jiya Bhatia
English 9 Honors Period 1
9 October 2018
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Sophistication and Civility - Just a Facade
Humans are all the same at heart, believe it or not. In Richard Connell's “The Most
Dangerous Game”, Richard Connell tells the tale of two hunters, Rainsford and Zaroff, who are
more like each other than they think. The readers eventually discover that the main characters’
civilized personas are just facades for their true selves: savages.
Right from the beginning of the story, readers get the impression that General Zaroff and
Rainsford are sophisticated, civilized people. Zaroff is portrayed to be civilized due to his
extravagant attire. When the author describes the clothes Zaroff gives Rainsford, Rainsford
notices "that it came from a London tailor who ordinarily cut and sewed for none below the rank
of the duke." (5). Zaroff’s ability to get clothes generally fit for royalty signifies his high rank in
society, refined taste, and wealth. Rainsford is depicted as civilized and sophisticated when
Connell describes Rainsford on the yacht “reclining in a steamer chair, indolently puffed on his
favorite brier.” (2) Rainsford is clearly used to having an easy life due to the fact that he is able
to rest on his yacht smoking his favorite cigar. He is accustomed to a life of wealth and riches,
signifying his high stature in society. Overall, both Zaroff and Rainsford are depicted as
civilized, sophisticated people due to their wealth and rank in society.
Regardless of the fact that Zaroff and Rainsford appear to be well mannered, through the
author’s use of foreshadowing, readers infer that things aren’t what they appear to be. The first
example of foreshadowing is during the talk Whitney and Rainsford have. Whitney points out
Ship-Trap Island to Rainsford and explains to him that the sailors “have some curious dread of
the place.” (2) The author foreshadows the events that will soon transpire on the island by
showing that something is wrong with it. Another example in the story is when Rainsford falls
into the water and the author refers to the water being “blood warm”. (2) The author could have
used a different phrase to describe the water, but uses this phrase, which unsettles readers and
shows that something is wrong with the island. Lastly, the author uses foreshadowing when he
describes how Rainsford is woken up by gunshots and a loud cry. (3) These sounds are the
sounds of someone being hunted on the island, which conveys something terrible is going to
happen. The peculiarities of the island create imagery in conflict with the previous images of
civilized life.
The author’s use of foreshadowing helps readers see that Zaroff isn’t really a
sophisticated person, but rather a sinister and evil one. One of the first instances is when he is
describing Ivan’s character. Zar...

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