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Space In Contemporory Culture And Everydaylife

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In "The Practice of Everyday Life", DeCerteau pointed out that "space is existential" and "existence is spatial" , that is to say that space locates an existence, and existence is carried out in a place. DeCerteau further explains the notion of space and place in this way: a "place" is the configuration of different static elements in relationship with each other. A "space", on the other hand, is activated by the various interactions and intersections of mobile elements. And thus, in short, "a space is a practiced place".Dialectics between "space" and "place" form "stories" continually morph places into spaces or spaces into places. These reactions take place on the level of the everyday ...view middle of the document...

The apartment's designer had originally planned that this particular space functions as the dining area. And that certainly makes sense because of the convenience of an open dining space, a mere few steps away from the kitchen. It was a large public area for the occupants, used as the next alternative place for entertaining visitors and socializing, besides the living room. But the big dinning table with its eight matching chairs isn't there anymore.The large space that used to be occupied by a dinning table and chairs is now partitioned with a curtain-like wall creating a unique space for the proud occupant at the corner of the house. That once known dinning area is now a new room filled with necessary furniture like a bed, a study desk, a shelf, and a small wardrobe to suit a student's life from overseas.Following the creation of this room, signs of determinism increased and certain constrains appeared. The kitchen used to be more accessible with two entrances, one from the living room and the other from the dining area. With the placement of a wardrobe placed at the threshold between the original dining area and the kitchen, the space has taken on a much more private entity. The circular path linking from the kitchen that everyone used to access the room conveniently was taken for granted. Its usefulness only dawned upon us after the wardrobe was fitted into place. The days of gathering into that corner for meals and socializing are now behind us, having been disrupted by this made-up room. Those activities have been nudged into a space behind the couch in the living room. Because of this shift, the big common area that we used to move about so freely has been reduced in free space, since a section has been carved out to accommodate the dining table.The fact that this room has been thus created shows that any place can be structured as the owner so desires. The original concept of a three bedroom apartment has now been radically changed, since its impromptu 'transformation' into a four-bedroom apartment.The WallThe wall whose only purpose was to separate the kitchen from the room now serves an additional purpose - a poster board. It is decorated with two posters: one about choices and another that spells out "Warning: Occupants of this room have probably consumed more alcohol than is safe for ordinary humans." These two posters display life choice statements and they convey a sense of identity to the occupant of the room. The other available spaces are filled with postcards that I have collected since I arrived in Australia; they reminded me of where I am living, what I am doing here and also where else I have been in Australia. The complexity of the art pieces from M.C Escher, one of my favorite artists shows my passion for art, creativity and the will to break away from conventions. Photographs that I took from previous trips to different countries that I have been are to remind me of my urge to travel once again to even more places....

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